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    Anna Sward

    Here are some nutritionists that I’d recommend, either from having worked with them or from knowing people who have:

    Emma-Leigh Synnot – I actually worked with her a few years back and highly recommend her services. She’s very knowledgeable and her advice was (and is) fantastic. She’s actually the person who introduced me to coconut flour and psyllium husks! Website:

    Layne Norton – I haven’t worked with him personally but I hear great things from people who have worked with him. Layne has a strong background in nutritional sciences and bodybuilding so his advice is particularly useful for people competing or planning to complete. Website:

    Precision Nutrition – I’ve heard a LOT about their programs and they sound phenomenal, especially for people who maybe haven’t ever worked with an online coach or nutritionist before. They’re very support based and the people behind them have solid credentials to back up what they say. Website:

    Another cool resource is Metabolic Effect: They actually published a book too: and they offer a few online programs too. See: Check out their facebook page too; it’s always full of great info:



    Don’t know about “online” but if you’re in the midlands (UK) I recommend Emma Stanley (nee Constable) of Bottom Line Lifestyle and Fitness
    She knows her stuff on nutrition, how different things can negatively or positively impact your body and help you acheive your goals. Her advice has helped me clear up some long standing health grumbles. She practices what she preaches but is realistic about people with busy lives.
    Bottom Line Lifestyle and Fitness covers several bases – nutrition, sports massage, effective personal training and biomechanics. Try them – highly recommend.



    A bit of shameless self promotion…

    I am a reasonably new online nutritionist with great success to date. I am a big believer in flexible dieting and Layne Norton is one of my idols. I love his science based approach to nutrition. I’ve been experimenting on myself with my diet (tracking my own macros) for a couple of years now and after qualifying as a personal trainer I realised that my clients were not getting results until I sorted out their nutrition… so I became a Nutritionist!

    I offer 7 day customised meal plans with Grocery List and all recipes. Its simply a matter of cooking the food. All personal tastes taken into account. I am trying to teach my clients how to use flexible dieting to their advantage and adopt a LIFESTYLE and not a DIET. However if you don’t have enough time to work out macros and calories the meal plan is a great option :-)

    Please check out my website:
    I will be offering a free recipe each Wednesday starting next week!



    Ru Anderson is a very knowledgeable resource at Also, look out for articles, podcasts etc. by Nate Miyaki and John Kiefer.

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