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Almond & Chocolate Protein Donuts

It was 4:03am. I couldn’t believe it; I’d been laying in bed, tossing and turning, since 9:00pm! I must have counted a thousand of sheep, made the sheep jump over a thousand fences, got up a dozen times, walked around, tried to unsuccessfully self-hypnotized myself, and lay back down even more awake that I’d been [...] Continue reading →

A Taste of the Latest Delicious Recipes


Banana Nut Protein Bread


Whey Protein Panna Cotta


Vicky’s (Gluten-Free) Cherry Protein Pie

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Signed First-Edition Protein Pow Books

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Anna Sward is the creator of Protein Pow and one of the world’s leading experts on protein powder-based cooking. Her recipes have been featured in several leading magazines and she is a columnist and feature writer at, Muscle & Fitness magazine, and Anna regularly hosts cooking workshops with professional athletes and members of the general public. She is the author of Protein Pow(d)er: the Cookbook and creator of the Protein Pow App.

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