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Will Protein Make Women Bulky?

This is false. The only thing that can make women bulky is an excess of calories combined with a strict and intense weightlifting routine. Protein powder by itself does not make women bulky, just as weightlighting by itself does not turn women into female versions of the Hulk.

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Isn't Protein Powder for Shakes?

Protein powders are most definitely not only for protein shakes. You can, instead, use protein powder as a cooking ingredient to make healthy meals and snacks! Using protein powder, you can bring your favorite treats and desserts to life without using refined flours, added sugars, preservatives or fillers.

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Won't Protein Denature?

While protein powder does indeed denature when it's heated, the fact that it denatures does not at all impact your body's ability to digest the protein. Think about it like this: when you cook an egg, the protein inside it denatures - i.e. the amino acid strands it naturally contains change shape – or configuration.

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