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1. How many recipes are in the Protein Pow App?

Right now, there are over 140 recipes, divided into category ‘packs’ – or bundles. So, you can have ‘Pancake & Waffle Pack’, a ‘Bread Pack’, etc. From February 2015 onwards, a new recipes will also be added to the Protein Pow App – in one of its several categories – every week. These recipes won’t be uploaded anywhere else.

2. What’s the difference between the Protein Pow App, the Protein Pow Cookbook, the Protein Pow Ebooks, and the free recipes found here at

This is a great question and one I get all the time! So I wrote a post exclusively to answer it; find it here.

3. What else do I get on the App, besides recipes?

NEWS: There is a section in the app called ‘NEWS’ where we upload exclusive discount codes to protein powders and related ingredients on a weekly basis. It also announces dates to future Protein Pow workshops and events.

VIDEOS: While the ‘video’ section of the app already features great content, this is a section that we’re working hard on expanding. Filming has already begun and you’ll be seeing a lot of new video content made directly accessible through the app.

INTEL: The app also has a section called ‘INTEL’ which features information, charts, and tips on getting the most out of your protein powders and improving your protein pow cooking skills and understanding.

SHOP: In the ‘SHOP’ section of the app, we share some of what we think are the best protein powders and ingredients out there. This section was designed to provide an answer to people seeking product and brand recommendations from someone who has tried hundreds upon hundreds of protein powder brands and flavors (that someone is me!)


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