DIY No-Bake Protein Bars (3 Ingredients, dozens of bars, made in minutes!)


Hey, hey! If you haven’t watched it yet, check out the video of Daniel making our no-bake protein bars! The recipe for these babies is printed on the back of our Protein Pow whey mix. We made these bars for the Food Matters Live exhibition a couple of weeks ago (here are all the pics) and they went down a treat, literally! We made well over 200 bars over the period of three days and it took us like 20 minutes in total to make them all. Crazy, right? Scroll down to see the video if you don’t believe me!

Protein Pow Mix Packaging

The video is really cool example of just how EASY it is to make protein bars in bulk using our whey protein pow mix which really is just the perfect combination of high-quality protein powder and raw gluten-free ‘flour.’ The mix was designed exactly for this kind of thing: to enable you guys to make your own protein bars in just a couple of steps using basic ingredients. Bonus? You can use the mix to make the  best protein pancakes on earth. And as a sub for flour in baking! (Check out my Glory oh Glory Banana Protein Bread). It’s like magic, really :-D

A lot of people actually what Daniel does in this video every Sunday:

They make a single giant batch of bars to take one to work every day! If you want, you can make an even bigger batch too, freeze them, and presto: you get protein bars for a month. Simple, you know? Here’s Daniel (who’s famous Protein Pow Snickerdoodle Bars have melted hearts world-over), showing you how easy it is to make these babies with our very own whey protein POWPOWPOWPOW mix! (There is a vegan version too by the way, in case you don’t ‘do’ dairy).

Please note that if you want to make your bars lower in carbs, you can – like Daniel says here, use a sweetener instead of a syrup in your bars. And ditch the dark chocolate top.

To make them lower in fats, don’t use the nut butter – or use less of it! The point here is to make the bars your own and play around with your ideas to create the perfect protein bars for YOU. It’s what the mix is all about: a party in your kitchen, made by you FOR you.

For now though, over to our mate!

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