Top 5 Protein Banana Bread Recipes

Protein Banana Bread Recipe Gluten-Free

Today is National Banana Bread Day! A totally arbitrary holiday that I don’t know who created and when but it’s as good an excuse as any to sing the praises of banana bread! It’s a great reminder to get bookmarking some recipes and, as soon one has time, make – and munch – a loaf of banana bread.

banana manBelow you’ll find five of my all-time favorite Banana Protein Bread Recipes.

I suggest you check them all out and, if possible, make them all! They’re all delicious and a perfect example of how absolutely AMAZING gluten-free, protein-rich, and fiber-packed banana bread can be.

All the recipes below are extremely healthy and perfect for enjoying several days in a row! For breakfast (especially with some nut butter on top, mmm!), for a pre-workout snack (alongside a double espresso… ka-POW!) or for whenever you feel like having something cakey and delicious that doesn’t come loaded with sugar, calories, and a crazy ton of fat.

Without further ado then, here they are: my top 5 Protein Banana Bread recipes.

Claire’s Absolutely SPECTACULAR Chocolate Banana Protein Pow Bread



A Protein Banana Bread so Much Like
Regular Banana Bread That It’ll Make You Want To Cry


Banana (and Sweet Potato) Whey Protein Bread

Healthy Banana Protein Bread

Banana & Walnut Protein Bread


Buried Banana Protein Bread 
This one’s an old Protein Pow classic! Find it here and also on pages 70-71 in The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook – as well as the Protein Pow App (on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).

Healthy Banana Protein Bread


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