Daniel’s Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Protein Pow Bars


If you follow me on social media (instagram, facebook, or twitter), you’ve probably seen me mention Daniel. You might have even seen him in photos from our recent event albums and in our cooking session pics too.

This is Daniel:


What, you want a closeup? OK. Here is Daniel:


Yes. He’s holding a miniature Bessie, the cow from our whey Pow packaging! She’s a joy and he’s a fan so hey, who’s one to intervene?

Daniel joined Protein Pow last summer and now forms a key operational role in our family. You’ll definitely meet him if you stock any of our Pow mixes and/or if come to one of our events! You’ll meet Daniel if you join our family too. He hails from Australia and is a really cool guy who absolutely adores strength training and eating a LOT of great food! He makes a ton of Protein Pow bars too, amazing ones really.

Daniel and I actually make Protein Pow bars for the office every day using our whey and pea mixes (here’s another example of his). Enjoyed alongside a nice cup of coffee? That’s us SET for the day! We make our Protein Pow bars using all KINDS of delicious ingredients and every single time we are like “whoa….”

Because oy. I mean, look at Daniel’s bars today:

IMG_0581 copy

Crazy. With the coffee on the side? So good! And the taste. Uffff…. THE TASTE! They’re like cookie dough in both taste and texture. And they feature only all natural nutrition-packed ingredients. No ridiculous amount of artificial flavorings like the vast majority of ‘cookie dough’ and ‘snickerdoodle’ protein bars out there contain. No soy. No artificial sweeteners. No junk of ANY kind. Pure protein bar perfection! You have to try them.

IMG_0582 copy

Here’s the recipe! Please note, the bars use our new whey mix. If you haven’t gotten it yet, remember that you can get it from our shop and we’ll ship it out to the UK, USA, Canada, and Oz! Remember to add it to your list to Santa too!


30g Whey Protein Pow Mix
30g Smooth Cashew Butter
15g Honey
Cinnamon to taste (I used a LOT)
Crushed 99% Lindt dark chocolate (about 4 small squares roughly crushed by hand)

IMG_0584 copy


1) Mix everything together until you get a dough
2) Shape the dough into bars




Just two steps, a few ingredients, and you get delicious cookie-doughy protein bars featuring nothing but all-natural ingredients! No artificial nada. No hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, or wack shelf-life extending preservatives. All gluten-free and featuring the absolute best ingredients: coconut flour, gluten-free oats, grass-fed whey protein, organic Madagascan vanilla, nut butter, and agave. And that’s it! Magic? Nah. Just protein…


IMG_0568 copy

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