Protein Pow(d)er: The Cookbook

Welcome to the order page for Protein Pow(d)er: The Cookbook! You can now get it from and from there it’ll ship worldwide! Click here to get one! :-)))) My aim from the beginning was simple: to create the best cookbook on earth ;-) Did I achieve this? You’ll tell me! All I can say is that it turned out exactly like I wanted it to and that I think the final product is absolutely sky-punchingly phenomenal.

But man, has this been a LONG journey! Months and months have been spent in my office going over edits and edits and more edits. I’ve condensed two years of the blog into a 98 page cookbook and it wasn’t without trials and a huge array of unexpected tribulations! Because I did it all myself – the recipes, the writing, the design, the layout, the illustration… even the eating ;-) I had to teach myself how to use InDesign after the designer I worked with fell through completely (here’s the sad evidence). I also had to sift through close to 800 of my recipes to pick (and take down from the blog) my all-time best recipes PLUS create brand new recipes to feature exclusively in the cookbook! I then drew and drew and drew! Because all the illustrations in the cookbook (including those of my friends!) have been sketched by the hands of yours truly.

I went through a lot of drafts and drafts of the cover too until I arrived at one I liked. It’s a photo of me taken by Paul Corkery last November. It’s a funny pic, I know (in that I look like I have a farmer’s tan and so on) but I think it encapsulates what the blog – and consequently the cookbook – is about!

And now it’s all finally done and getting sold and shipped by the hundreds as I write this.

So… yeah! If you want to order a copy and dig into some of my absolute best recipes (which you can’t find on this blog on anywhere else), you can get one via amazon from here! The book is £17.99 by the way (so around $26 US dollars) and will ship worldwide so wooooo! Get your hands on a copy.

Note 1: I’ll be doing a book-signing in Brighton, UK, on March the 17th if you want to stop by to get one of fifty copies (and enjoy a free protein bar from me!) Click on the pic to the left for more details.

Note 2: I’ll be at BodyPower 2013 selling my cookbook too so if you plan on being there, stop by my Protein Pow Stand and get a signed copy!

  • whit3rabbit

    can i please get my copy signed? that would be so amazing!! you are an inspiration

    • ANNA

      I will no problem but what’s your name/email???

    • Gabriella Gabriella

      OMG i am BESIDE myself so excited!! Just placed order and will waiting on front step for your book to get to me in Sydney!! Your truely talented and its the LOVE you add to every recipe that makes them work out 100% I have tried about 7 recipes and even when im subsituting with what i have in the cupboard they are PERFECTION!! Congratulations! You deserve it… :)

  • Paulina Wici

    I’ll be writing this down on my birthday wish list. (^^,

  • debora

    Anna this is awesome i tell every one here down under in Australia about you site will be ordering my copy well done you :)

  • Chris Lindley

    Did ‘The Chris’ make the cut?

    • ANNA

      No, I couldn’t get myself to remove The Chris from the blog! Too much gold there, too much value. Couldn’t deprive humanity from getting The Chris for free.

  • morena1016

    How can i order the book?

  • Unknown

    Could you sign my copy as well? I couldn’t find your Email address on the site to Email you directly. -.-

    Dave Tacker

    • ANNA

      Got it, will do :-)

  • Pokerkat13

    Yay I just ordered mine! I can’t wait :):)

  • Kayla Maryon

    Hey Anna, Just ordered a copy of your book :) Very excited! I couldn’t find your email address on the site but please could you sign it for me (and my boyfriend as he’ll LOVE these recipes!).

    My name’s Kayla and my boyfriend is Stu.

    Thanks! x

  • Ady

    Hey there, I just ordered this and am really excited about getting my hands on it! If it is still possible I would appreciate it if you could sign it for me as well.


    • ANNA

      Absolutely :-)

  • Richard Pepper

    my email is and my name is Richard if you wouldn’t mind signing mine.

    • ANNA

      You got it Mr. Pepper :-)

  • dpaul

    Anna I’m so pumped about this book! I just paid via PayPal and left u a message, but just in case you misses it…I would so grateful if you could sign my copy :)

    Daryl Polydor

    • ANNA

      Awesome! Thanks :-D And yeah, definitely will sign it :-)

  • Nathan SB

    Hey Anna,

    I am really excited for this book! I sent you an email asking if you would sign it but this thought id drop you a message on here to make sure you got it.

    I would love if if you would sign my copy :)

  • Holly

    Hi Anna,

    I just ordered your cookbook and I’d love it if you would sign my copy.
    I can’t wait to get my book, I’m so excited!!

    Thank you,

    Holly Finnegan

  • Pedro Saraiva

    Hello. I was about to order it but currently shows as “Currently unavailable” :(

    • ANNA

      Ohhh that’s actually good news!!!! Email if if you wanna pre-order it from me and I’ll explain. I’ll stock amazon in mid march :-D

  • Taylor Conroy

    Hey Anna! Love your recipes; any chance you’ll be putting out an ebook of your cookbook???

    • ANNA

      Hi Taylor, maybe down the line? focusing on the paperback at the mo :-)

  • Steven Syrko

    I was bummed I went to Amazon, and they say the book is out of print

    • ANNA

      That’s because you went to amazon.COM and you should have gone to amazon.CO.UK where it’ll ship everywhere.

  • Angie Briggs


    I am just about to order this book as a birthday present for a dear friend, as per other requests, would it be possible to sign it? If it can be signed and some wording such as:

    To Mark,
    Happy Birthday

    That would be truly awesome but I know this is being really cheeky:-)

    Thanking you in advance, Angie

  • ANNA

    I’ve gotten several requests from people who want to buy my cookbook as a present for someone else and want it signed. I can’t currently sign the books sold on because they’re handled directly by BUT if someone has a burning request for a signed copy and can’t get it directly from me (at, say, Body Power or any of my workshops), email me and I can sell you a copy and sign/dedicate it to the person you want it for ;-)

  • Angie Briggs

    Thank you Anna for clearing this up, it’s much appreciated.

  • Laura

    Hi – just went to and they say it’s “currently unavailable”. Any idea when it will be back in stock? Thank you!

    • ANNA

      I know :-( Hoping to sort this out tomorrow morning! No idea what happened…

  • brad george

    Hey! i bought a copy on amazon about a week and a half ago, i havent heard anything since just checking to make sure it worked, thank you!

    • ANNA

      Heya Brad! Check with amazon? Because all orders are handled by them (I don’t touch the books, they deal with all orders, distributions, etc – just like any regular amazon item).

  • Lina Beard

    Hi, Anna

    I tried to buy your book from, but was told it could not be shipped to my address (Canada). I can’t find it on either the or sites. Is there anywhere else I can purchase it?



  • Lina Beard

    Success! I went back to the UK site, tried two more times, and finally was able to place my order. I am now anxiously awaiting delivery.

    Thank you!