The Brighton Protein Pow(d)er Cookery Workshop

Today’s post comes with a video! It’s not a recipe, per se; it’s a recipe for fun though :-D See, yesterday was the Brighton edition of the Protein Pow(d)er Cooking Workshop and it was phenomenal! With a wide array of magic(al ingredients) provided courtesy of Fage Total Greek Yogurt (if you haven’t seen their yogurt recipes, check them out here! there’s some proper gems in there!),, and Kara Diary Free, we made protein bars and truffles (I am on a mission to do away with calling them ‘balls’ – I mean, why protein ‘balls’ when we have the word ‘truffle’ at our disposal?), protein pizzas, protein bread, and protein cakes. Result? AAAAAAAAA! We feasted like a happy protein family :-D

During the workshop, everyone got to try all the ingredients, to trial and error a bunch, to mix this with that with this with THAT, to get it wrong and then get it right, and to mix mix mix and then to BOOOM – succeed!

Because everyone had their own bowls and made their own mixes, we ended up with a ton of different bars/truffles, protein pizzas and protein cakes! I urged everyone to try their mixes before moulding or cooking to ensure that they ticked all boxes. I urge you guys reading this to also do the same (just as long as your eggs are pasteurized) because a batter that’s not perfect will not yield a perfect product!

Part of what I love most about these Protein Pow workshops is the fact that people get to experiment – to get their hands dirty with chocolate et al (see the pic to the left here of people manually coating their bars in melted chocolate!) By really getting down and dirty with their protein cooking, everyone got to shed any apprehension they may have previously held surrounding protein powder cooking. This is the best part :-)))))

You see, I’ve come to realize that, for a lot of people, a fear of ‘messing it up’, together with the notion that it’s somehow complicated, prevents them from cooking with their powders. Once they get over that fear though, once they look at their apprehension in the eye, take hold of the reins, and say “no more!” –>ka-POW! their inner protein wizard is set loose and all sorts of magic begins to happen :-D

After we went over the basic formula behind each recipe, everyone began experimenting and creating their own bars/truffles and pizzas completely from scratch, using whatever ingredients they wanted. This is why, if you look at them at the pictures here, you’ll notice that everything looks slightly different. That’s because some people made their bar/truffles out of pea protein, hemp, brown rice, whey protein, or casein while others used a combination of protein powders. Sky’s the limit with what you can do :-D
In the context of the bars/truffles, another thing that made them different is that some people added peanut butter to their mix while others opted instead to go with almond butter or with pumpkin seed butter. A lot of people also decided to do away with nut butters and added instead chopped nuts and/or ginger, coconut, or dates. The flours people used also varied, with some using just coconut flour and others using oat flour and/or ground almonds instead. And let’s not get started on flavoring! There were cocoa ones, lots of toffee ones, fruity ones, seedy ones, oaty ones, coconutty ones, milky ones, and aaaa so much deliciousness!
When it came to cakes and pizzas, the same thing happened – people used a variety of powders, flours, flavorings, and ingredients to cater to their macros, taste preferences, and/or nutritional preferences (i.e. we had a good amount of gluten and dairy free truffles and there was of course Ben’s Ginger Protein Cake pictured to the left here!)
My jaw always drops waaay deep into the ground during these events when I see everyone’s final products. It’s just so impressive to see how quickly people get comfortable with the powders and begin to play around with them, breathing life into the mission and then some ;-) You guys are awesome chefs!!!!! I can’t wait to cook with you more :-)
Click here for more pics. And click here for the video! and, for even MORE workshop pics, see the gallery here, woop woop!

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