Nut & Hulled Hemp Seed Whey Protein Truffles



100g almond and hazelnuts – roasted and ground
21g apple fiber
17g hulled hemp seeds
36g unflavored whey protein
30g quinoa flakes
10g brown rice protein
2 medjools
vanilla essence


1. Mix together

2. Roll onto a bed of cocoa powder and cases in the little white casings I found the other day and couldn’t say no to. Twenty truffles came out.

Macro per Serving (out of 20):

3.5g protein
4.3g carbo (1.5g fiber)
3g fat a

They are utterly (I’m not going to say delicious because I think I overuse the word, so, I will just say they’re) ‘finger-licking’. First, the cocoa hits you – a kind of bitter chocolate bam but before you know it boooooom, the vanilla shoots through and nut and hemp texture blasts you. Uyyyy :-)


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