High Protein Banana Mascarpone Pancake

What do you get when you cross mascarpone-protein-mousse with a banana? A puffed up banana-mascarpone pancake!…Of course.


30g egg white powder
26g mascarpone
1 scoop of vanilla whey


Whip the eggs to ‘stiff peaks’ and fold in a creamed up mascarpone+whey oh and a banana mixed in there too (I carry a torch for bananas).

Fry the whole thing in a non-stick pan then, as always: cinnamon.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

52.2g protein
14.5 fat


Could top it with anything really – fruit-jam, fruit, jam, nut-butter, nut butter, coconut oil, coconut, maple syrup, honey…Maybe if you add a layer of thick chocolate whey filling, another layer of pancake, another of filling, another of pancake… a cake?! a mille-feuille!?

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  • april

    Holy cow this looks good!! Stupid question but, what is mascarpone???

    January 28, 2011 at 4:15 pm | Reply to this comment

  • anna

    Mascarpone is a soft italian “cheese.” I say “cheese” because it’s actually “made from crème fraîche denatured with tartaric acid.” It’s the main component of Tiramisu. I find it really nice, kind of like ricotta but maybe thicker, heavier and milder in taste. It tastes more like cream than cheese actually and lends a nice creamy texture to foods – a little bit goes a long way!

    January 28, 2011 at 4:46 pm | Reply to this comment

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