What are my Protein Pow workshops like and what can you expect?


The workshops take place at Food at 52, one of London’s most exclusive kitchen venues. The doors to the workshop open at 12:00 and from then until 12:30, we do an informal meet-and-greet over tea and coffee (filter, vanilla, caramel, and/or chocolate Nespresso) in the living room area.

At 12:30 we descend into Protein Pow heaven – the kitchen area. There, I give you an introductory talk on everything protein, protein powder, and protein powder cooking. I walk you through the dos and don’ts of cooking with different powders and also talk to you about how to use other healthy
ingredients in your day-to-day snacks and meals (things like gluten-free flours, nut butters, coconut oil, fruit and veggies). The cooking fun then unfolds as follows:

1:00: Protein Bars and Protein-Filled Handmade Chocolates
1262_575447615839487_1218554918_n2:00: Protein Baking (our focus here will be on breads, brownies and protein cupcakes)
3:00: Protein Pizza
4:00: We sit down and break some protein bread over our pizza and desserts like one big happy Pow family
5:00: I sign your books, deliver goodbye hugs, and we bid farewell.

One thing I can promise you: the way you approach protein powders and baking will be 1798265_700939193290328_1685669785_nforever transformed.

Each ticket is £135 (that includes VAT and all the goodies outlined in the Notes section below).


Please note: Tickets are nonrefundable so please be sure you’ll be able to make 10356279_746146015436312_6952200466957709767_nthe workshop when you book it!


1.  You don’t need to have ANY cooking experience to participate in the workshops. All you need is a willingness to learn, a readiness to experiment, and a healthy appetite.

2. All Protein Pow workshops this year will be gluten-free. They will also all feature unsweetened and unflavoured protein powders – namely hemp, pea, whey, and brown rice protein – so you can learn how to best make naturally-sweetened snacks and meals.

3. Recipe sheets and guides will be handed out to all participants during the workshop. These will be used as rough blueprints during the workshop so you don’t feel like you’re flying completely solo.

4. All participants will receive their own Protein Pow apron which they can take home.

5. Everyone will be given a goodie bag full of amazing protein and related ingredients so they can continue their cooking at home. Everyone will also receive a signed copy of my first cookbook!

6. You will end up with a lot of protein bars and chocolates to take home.

If you have any questions – or if you’re booking a ticket for yours or someone else’s birthday – don’t hesitate to email me at: I look forward to hearing from you!