Sweet Potato Protein Chocolate Treats – Jolandri


IMG-20140821-WA0019Ingredients for the filling (makes 10 big blocks):

175g sweet potato, cooked
20g crunchy peanut butter
70g oats
128g vanilla whey protein powder
Honey to taste (optional)
20g Unsweetened coconut flakes, blended until desiccated

Coating for the peanut butter chocolates (for 6 chocolates)

100g dark chocolate, melted
50g crunchy peanut butter
Coating for the coconut chocolates (for 6 chocolates):
100g dark chocolate, melted
20g Unsweetened coconut flakes, blended until desiccated

Directions for the Filling

Blend all the ingredients together except the coconut flakes. Place into a silicone ice tray and throw blended coconut on top. Freeze until hard.

Directions for the Coating

Mix melted chocolate and peanut butter/coconut and coat the freezed blocks. Some of the blocks I didn’t coat fully so that the layer of coconut can be seen.

Nutritional information:

Peanut butter chocolates:

260 calories
12.7g protein
12.1g carbs (only 3.5g sugar)
18.4g fat

Coconut chocolates:

210 calories
10.3g protein
12.0g carbs (only 3.2g sugar)
13.3g fat