Protein Pow is all about promoting healthy eating and having fun in the kitchen. It’s about making healthy cooking EASY, accessible, DELICIOUS, and fun!

So that you can enjoy nutrition-packed versions of the foods we all love (and crave) the the most.

Homemade protein bars, pancakes, and pizza, and chocolates, and ice cream, and cookies? No problem! Protein Pow is redesigns those foods so that they’re actually GOOD for you.

Three passions inspired me to create this website, publish two cookbooks, and now, launch our very own line of revolutionary Protein Pow cooking mixes: a passion for great tasting food, a passion for healthy and nutrition-packed cooking, and a passion for exercise.

Combine those things and BAM! You get Protein Pow.

Our new mixes were created to give YOU the ability to buy my recipe’s most important ingredient: the protein powder with which I make all my foods. Not only the protein powder though, also the gluten-free components necessary to make everything you make foolproof and good. REALLY good.

What can you expect from my new mixes? Why should you use them? Let me tell you:


People following my recipes at proteinpow.com have always used different brands of protein powder. So they very often get different results. This can be very frustrating! Because it makes what I make here in my kitchen not translate to what you whip up at home. How to solve this? How to ensure that the recipes I post are actually EXACTLY what you end up with when you follow them? By us all using the same materials: the same protein… POW!

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.48.06

The mixes I came up with are completely in a league of their own. They’re something I would have absolutely ADORED finding in the store, ten, five, two years ago. They’re my answer to, “if you could invent the PERFECT ingredient, what would it be?”

Sure, there are other protein powders marketed as ‘good for baking’ or as being ‘all-purpose’ but these fall in one (or all) of these categories:

a) They’re basically just a whey protein powder, the same you’d get in a tub designed for shakes. Nothing new. Same old.
b) They’re a protein powder blend like those that have also been in the market for years and, again, are designed for shakes. Something like whey + casein +/- egg white protein. Again, nothing new.
c) They’re pancake or baking mixes that contain wheat flour and baking powder so they can’t be eaten raw. That means they’re not suitable for raw snacks – like chocolates and protein bars!

Our Protein Pow mixes solve ALL of these things!


Ever since I started proteinpow.com, I’ve had trouble finding a protein powder that is ACTUALLY gluten-free. Certified gluten-free. Seriously, hardly any of them are! Which is why getting the gluten-free certification for our mixes was such a nightmare. Because no one else is doing this. But I think it was absolutely worth it and am happy to report that our mixes are completely and entirely devoid of gluten. That means they’re coeliac friendly! Which woop woop :-)


I kept looking for a brand of protein that I trusted and found very few. You know, a brand committed to selling ONLY the best, not making a quick buck (or pound – or kroner) out of selling cheap ingredients and passing them off as premium. A brand that’s actually all-inclusive and promotes nutritious food, cooking, a healthy lifestyle, having fun, and loving one’s food! To me, this has always been imperative to leading a well-balanced and happy lifestyle. In my mind, one shouldn’t eat well just to LOOK a certain way. One should eat well to FEEL well. To PERFORM well. To actually BE THE BEST ONE CAN BE. That’s what’s at the heart of Protein Pow – embracing fitness, food, and nutrition for their own sake. Not for simply aesthetic reasons and certainly not to make anyone feel bad about where they’re at NOW (if you’re confused about what I mean, read this). Entering the market with friendly products to sit alongside ridiculous brands and messages, ah, that gives me tremendous joy :-)


Our mixes have just four (or five, in the case of our Pea Mix) very simple ingredients: plain protein powder (grass-fed and hormone-free, for our whey protein, and non-GMO pea protein, for our pea), coconut flour (there are tons of different kinds and ours took a long time to find because there is so much bad-quality stuff out there, it’s shocking!), gluten-free oats (again, this one took a while to hunt down!), and organic vanilla (directly from Madagascar because it’s the absolute best, even though it’s insanely expensive). Our vegan Pea Mix also contains a tiny bit of coconut sugar for flavor because, as you know, pea protein powder kind of needs that bit of a KICK to balance its flavor profile. Anyways. That’s it! Our mixes are simple. No random stuff. No emulsifiers. No soy. No hydrogenated fats of corn syrups. No ‘proprietary blends’ of behind-the-scenes wackness.  Just simple, REAL FOOD ingredients.


Since I developed our Protein Pow cooking mixes (and I say ‘our’ because they’re mine as much as they’re yours!), I’ve thrown away pretty much ALL tubs of protein powder I used to own. Or given them away. Why? Because I honestly see no point in using them in the kitchen. I’ve only kept a couple for that once-in-a-blue-moon post-workout shake. That’s it. I also haven’t bought a single ready-made protein bar or snack since, booooo…. I can’t even remember last time I bought one! When you try what you can make with our cooking mixes, you’ll join me on this one. I know it. Just wait till you see what these babies can do! The best protein bars you’ve ever tasted. Absolutely insane protein pancakes. And the cakes! THE CAKES! Oh guys. I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So excited for you to see what this actually MEANS. It’s:


To order our mixes and join me in changing the face of protein foods, click here.