Protein Pow Snack Cheat Sheet

Protein Pow Cheat Sheet

I made something for you guys! It’s a snack anatomy guide – or cheat sheet – designed to help you make any/all (raw/unbaked) protein snacks in the land.

Think of it like a roadmap to all your favourite snacks – a roadmap that can help you navigate your cupboard in order to end up with something delicious and perfectly catered to your taste buds and dietary preferences every time.

I actually always use a version of this sheet when I run our workshops! In fact, this one came from our book launch workshop last week (photos here).

Every time I make a new recipe, I draw from this sheet. It’s embedded in my mind, hehe. I think, “OK, I’ll use X protein, which ‘raw body’ should I choose? Oats for a flapjacky bar/truffle or coconut flour for something higher fiber and lower in carbs? What kind of sweetener should I use? Any extras for crunch, added flavor, more nutrition density?” You get my gist.

The sheet is a handy way to visualize your journey through this fun and delicious world of protein POW! Use it to follow all recipes on this site, in the books, in the app, everywhere really.

In the sheet, you’ll find a few columns, each listing a key component for making your snacks.

Just choose your ingredients from each column and then work your way horizontally. So, for instance, you could choose pea (protein) + oats (raw body) + honey (sweetener) + cashew butter (binder/hard) + almond milk (binder/soft) + extras (coconut, cocoa nibs, seeds) and then POW! You end up with delicious truffles or bars.

Can you skip a column? Well… in theory yes but in practice I don’t always recommend it, not unless you’re a pro at this and can immediately tell, before you choose to exclude an ingredient category, what you’re going to do to avoid ending up with something either really dense, really mushy, really sweet, or crazy sticky/hard-to-shawllow.  If you skip a column, you may end up with bars or truffles that are:

  • Too chewy (this tends to denote a lack of body – this is very common with whey-based bars and other snacks)
  • Hard to swallow (usually as a result of something having too many hard binders +/- syrupy sweeteners and no soft binders at all)
  • Boring/bland snacks (this can happen when extras are excluded though, of course, the ‘extras’ column as its name implies is optional)
  • Too sticky and sweet (this is really common and happens when too many sweeteners, especially thick ones like honey, dates, or agave are used, especially alongside hard binders and no soft ones).

The sheet itself could, of course, be expanded to then go into ratios but I like keeping it nice and broad because I find it inspires more creativity this way, you know? It shows you just how many different variations, adaptations, and creative twists you can make to your homemade protein goodies! So have fun with it. Play with it. And if you have any questions/comments, jot them down below!

Click here to download and print the sheet.