Educate, Empower, Inspire: A Recap

Last month, we teamed up with #GirlGains to host an event focused on empowering women to look beyond the misrepresentation of health and fitness that is rife in the world of marketing and media geared towards women. Ours was a confidence-boosting event designed to make women fall in love with their bodies. It was an event created to celebrate and indeed, RECLAIM, the true meaning of female health and fitness.


As we listened to talks by Zanna, Vic, Tally, myself, Nicola, and Jacqueline, we laughed, we hugged, we even cried! Because of the raw power they conjured up while sharing their journeys of recovery with us. Their message was simple: LOVE YOURSELF.


Simple but, in a way, revolutionary! As all small things with a big cumulative impact can be.


When I had the idea to put on this event and approached the #GirlGains we agreed to run with it because we thought it would be really valuable to promote the fact that health and fitness comes in all shapes and sizes! But you wouldn’t necessarily know it by looking at the way in which women’s bodies are objectified by the general media and how nutrition products are marketed to women nowadays. Even today, women continue to be misrepresented, with terms like ‘bikini body’ dominating our airwaves and warping the way in which a healthy and fit body is depicted and, all too often, understood. We are bombarded with ridiculous ‘fitspiration’ imagery and damaging messages on the daily; messages that, far from promoting self-love, balance, mindfulness, and the embracing of true health and fitness, can contribute to body dissatisfaction and disordered eating.


That’s why we joined forces and, with our event last weekend, stood for the type of message we actually BELIEVE  in: an empowering message that, above all else, encourages self-love and the valuing of our bodies not just for what they look like but for what they can DO.

We encouraged women to practice self-love, to fall in love with training and nutrition for health, for strength, and for power – over aesthetics alone.

Our day ended with a Protein Pow workshop involving over 50kg of peanut, almond, and cashew butters along 50kg of our Protein Pow mixes and a number of other health foods – like seed, nuts, and a number of natural sweeteners like honey, agave, and dried fruits!


I calculated and we made well over 500 protein truffles on the day, in under an hour! It goes to show, you know? Cooking and eating healthy can be so easy! And so… FUN! When you free yourself from any constraints like “I can’t do this,” “I don’t know how,” “it’ll probably be too hard,” and so on. Nah. Free yourself and POW! The world opens up before your very eyes.



Here are some photos of our day; a video will be coming your way soon too!

Click here to read Zanna’s post-event recap. Some of our participants have written blog posts about it too! Check out Ruth’s event recap here, Aishen’s here, and Maddie’s here. Follow #GIRLPOW on instagram to see more!


Big thank you to our sponsors by Holland & Barrett, Linwood Foods, and Meridian Foods! As well as BEAT, the UK’s number 1 eating disorders charity, for getting involved and helping us spread our message of self-love and our stand to end negative self-talk. Massive hats off also to our Protein Pow team for putting it all together and ensuring it all ran like clockwork! Couldn’t do it without you, guys. Big love.