Protein Chocolates Recipe

A few years ago, before I started running our POW workshops, I would be asked to do cooking demos all the time.

You know, stand in front of a crowd and cook while people just sit there and watch me do my thing. I often declined doing them because, when I put myself in the audience’s shoes, I felt that demos were boring. You just end up just sitting there watching someone cook. You salivate (if you’re lucky) but you can’t eat anything. You just… watch. And then go away.

Part of me didn’t like that because food is meant to be eaten, you know? Not just looked at. It’s meant to be experienced, savored, and mmmm: devoured. That’s why I started running our cooking workshops: to take food to the people. To get everyone’s hands dirty. Introduce people to ingredients that perhaps they haven’t considered before. Come together and play with food.

Protein POW cookbook_Anna SwardMy thinking is the same here on the site and on our social media channels. Sure, I’m all about giving you guys recipes, post photos, upload videos. But I also want you to experience the food directly. Bite in, close your eyes, and mmmm: luxuriate in it and know, first hand, just how delicious healthy protein-packed snacks can truly be.

So, between now and December 5th (when the new POW cookbook comes out in bookstores worldwide), we’re going to send out a free box of chocolates every week – chocolates filled with doughs from the book. You could say the free chocolate is a promotion of the book but, personally, I see it more as an excuse to send out free chocolate to you guys. If you end up loving this whole thing, we’ll for sure look into extending this beyond the book launch. Why not, right? We’re entering winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and a healthy box of chocolates is a great way to bring the sun out from within, hehe :)

Here’s how it’ll work:

Protein Chocolates Healthy Recipe1. Sign up to the POW newsletter if you haven’t already (it’s not intended to spam you – it’s just a good channel of direct communication for exciting stuff like this).

2. Every week, starting now, I’ll email everyone the week’s chocolate filling flavor and the recipe with a post so you can leave a comment on that specific recipe post.

3. We’ll then randomly select someone for a free box and email back.

Here’s a preview of the boxes that are going to be flying out these coming weeks, all of these will be plant-based and vegan so those of you avoiding dairy can join the party:

Peanut Butter Cups (these have already gone out)
Coffee Dark Chocolate
Peanut Butter Mini Cups
Hazelnut Dark Chocolate
Orange Dark Chocolate


1. All boxes will come with macros and ingredients so you know what’s in your chocos.

2. Because we’re making the chocolates and shipping them from the UK, at the moment we can only send them in the UK. Don’t worry if you’re in the US, OZ, or Canada though – we’re working on making some locally for you too. If you’re signed up to the newsletter, it’ll automatically register where you are so we’ll email you the second free chocolates start raining in your city!

Protein Chocolates Recipe