February Protein Pow Apron Competition


Welcome to our February Protein Pow apron competition!

It’s a game designed to promote protein cooking, fun and, if you want as well, inspire you to do something in the world of extreme sports… kind of 😉

This is a game involving Protein Pow aprons! And a whole ton of crazy goodies, including this dog.  Check this out:

PROTEIN_POWPOW_APRON_large1️⃣ Whenever you order an item from our shop, you will AUTOMATICALLY receive one of our gorgeous 100% cotton & embroidered Protein Pow aprons! Any item will get you a free apron: a Pow cookbook, a mix, a tub of our all-natural protein powder, anything. Just get something off our powerful shelves and BOOM! You get a Pow apron. Note: If you already have an apron from attending one of our Protein Pow cooking workshops, feel free to send an entry as well!

2️⃣ Once you receive your Protein Pow apron,  take a picture with it and send it to us! See more on this below.

SHIRT3️⃣ At the end of the month, on the 28th of February, we will pick the most epic apron shot and send that person a Crazy box of Pow containing:

Six of our soon-to-be-released protein bars (❗️), a signed Protein Pow cookbook, a signed copy of the next Protein Pow cookbook as soon as it’s released, and an exclusive  Protein Pow dog t-shirt!

PROTEIN_POWPOW_APRON_largeBe crazy with your pic. Feel free to extreme-iron with it and send a pic!

Extreme PowroningClimb a mountain with your apron? Take it to the slopes.

Take it for a spin at the gym, take it with you to the zoo, or just rock it at work and send us a pic! Put the apron on your dog, wear it as a cape, make a zany protein cake and take a photo with the apron.

The more fun you have with your entry, the better! Within reason of course (just uh… no nudes, please).

I will post everyone’s pics at the end of the month and tag everyone with their apron too so you guys can all see what everyone has been up to!

So enter, send us a pic, and have fun with this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: There are no geographical limitations on where you have to be to enter. We ship worldwide after all!