Diet Protein Powder For Women


I hope you know I wasn’t being serious with the above product concept. It’s the antithesis of what I and Protein Pow stand for. It’s my anti-product, really! Because I’m vehemently opposed to gendered food products. Why? Because they cater to misinformation.

Best Protein Powder For Women DietIn the context of protein powders, for example, women-only products paint a misleading picture about what female nutrition should be like. Clue: much like men’s. Only, well… less overall food because, as a product of our size, musculature, and hormones, (most) women burn less overall calories to (most) men. Women don’t need any special foods though. Women don’t need soy. And women most certainly don’t need ‘special’ protein that’s ‘designed’ to make them ‘toned’

It’s kind of like with exercise, you know? Far too many products, publications, and even exercise programs out there support the idea that women should somehow train differently to men, otherwise they’ll get bulky (do yourself a favor and read my friend Adam’s article on The Tracy Anderson method, it’s a GEM).

The reality is, women who lift heavy weights, follow a regular diet, and include gender-neutral (i.e. NORMAL) protein in their day to day lives, won’t transform into female versions of the Hulk. It’s just physically impossible! They’ll just end up feeling better, performing better, and overall looking better too.

So yeah! Don’t buy into women-only products. Look at them as if they were a 24/7 April Fools’ Day Prank.

Note: You’ll never see any gendered powders or foods in our shop. Until I delve into sports bras (which I frankly think will be never), everything boasting the Pow logo will be gender-neutral. Or multi-gendered: men, women, and everyone in between forever welcome :-)

Want to arm yourself further in the battle against women-only food products?

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Hopefully those two will dissuade you (if ever you were persuaded!) to purchase any female-branded supplements, food products, or… pens? Hehe: