Coffee Pow: A Crazy Giveaway

Coffee Protein Recipes

Hi everyone! How you’re having a happy weekend!!! I’m really excited to welcome you to this post because it features a competition that I think you’ll all like – and should defintely enter! The prizes are amazing and entering the competition is EASY. ANYONE can do it; no cooking experience required. All you need is about 10 minutes, a camera or phone, and the internet ;-) Let me share the prizes with you first and then, go into the rules of our game.

unnamed-2The Prizes

1st place

6 bags of delicious Grumpy Mule Coffee (honestly one of the best coffees ever!)
1 Grumpy Mule Tote Bag
1 Grumpy Mule Mug
4 (!!!) Protein Pow Cooking Mixes
1 set of silicone muffin cups
Protein Pow aprons
1 Protein Pow cookbook (autographed by yours truly!)
Your own Protein Pow illustration and a dedicated post featuring your winning recipe

2nd place

2 bags of delicious Grumpy Mule Coffee (honestly one of the best coffees ever!)
Protein Pow Cooking Mixes
Protein Pow apron

3rd place

1 bag of delicious Grumpy Mule Coffee
Protein Pow Cooking Mix
Protein Pow apron

Rules of the GameTo enter this competition, all you have to do is:

1. Create a recipe featuring protein powder and coffee. It could be ANYTHING: protein coffee (EASY!!!), coffee flavored protein pancakes (or protein pancakes with coffee sauce, like these?) a coffee cake, coffee protein muffins, coffee protein bars, coffee flapjacks, chocolate protein cups made with coffee, Protein Tiramisu (ohhh, yeah), etc. Seriously it could be ANYTHING. It just has to be a recipe that uses protein powder (ANY protein powder) and coffee (it could be coffee beans, espresso or just a splash of your morning cup of coffee).

2. Send me a photo of your recipe and the recipe itself.

coffee-cup3. That’s it!

The Winner

On the 19th of October, I will publish EVERYONE’s recipes and photos here on the site (with credit to each person, of course). The recipe that gets the most clicks by October 26th will win! SIMPLE, right?

partyThe Bonus

What’s super cool about this too is the fact that, on the 19th, we’ll end up with a monster post here at Protein Pow that containsozens of recipes celebrating protein and coffee! It’ll be a GIANT post. Kind of like our Cheesecake competition, or the Pancake one before it! Only this one will be powered by coffee :-)

So yeah! Get cooking this weekend. Play around with your coffee and you protein and send me your entries to anna@proteinpow with the title COFFEE POW.

Inspiration Recipes to get Started

Need inspiration for recipes ideas? Click here or on any of the links above! Feel free to grab ANY of my recipes too, and submit that recipe for your entry. All I need is for you to tell me where the recipe came from – and a photo of what YOU made! EASY.

Coffee Protein Recipes


I’m happy to send our goodies anywhere across the world so please enter the giveaway no matter where you live!

If you have a food blog or a big social media following, I am happy to publish your recipe entry along with all your social media and website links to get people following you as well! The only requirement is that the photos you submit to our competition not be published on your site. Obviously, if you want to make something you’ve made before, just make it again and send me those pics!

Any other questions, drop them in the comments box below this post.

Good luck! And above all… HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!