Let me start by telling you how it all began: Protein Pow was founded by yours truly, Anna Sward, in late January of 2011.

It was born one day, when, chatting to my friend Stina, she suggested I start a blog as a break from my unrelated-to-fitness-and-nutrition PhD. I was on my last year and, those days, spent much of my time in the library working on my doctoral thesis.

“If you want to retain your sanity while you work on finishing your PhD, you NEED a creative outlet!” she said to me. And I agreed – my PhD was pretty… intense; interesting but intense. I also thought a blog would be useful because, what better way to flex one’s writing muscles than by actually writing every day?

But right away I ran into a problem: I didn’t know what to write about. Diary-type blogging didn’t appeal to me and I didn’t think tracking the minutia of my daily thoughts would make for engaging writing, let alone reading.

That’s when Stina asked me the question that started it all. That’s when she asked me,

What do you Love to Do?

This website – which began as a blog – was my answer. It was born out of three interdependent passions: a passion for exercise, a passion for nutrition, and a passion for creating healthy and delicious food (oh and a passion for writing and drawing, though those two aren’t so interdependent, hehe).

Three to four times a week during 2011, I would play around with my protein powders after the gym, come up with recipes for them, and generally make a (relative) mess out of my kitchen before and after every workout – from kitchen to war-zone to kitchen again.

And then I graduated in 2012…

“What now?” I asked myself. I had an MA and PhD. I had been published in academic journals and a book chapter with my name on it had just come out. I had plenty of opportunities to enter the world of academia and immerse myself in a growing field that I actually found fascinating. But I didn’t go down that route. No. I launched Protein Pow as a company – a company designed to support this website’s rapidly expanding mission and promote the growth protein pow(d)ered cuisine.

YEYEAHMy family and friends thought it was a strange decision to go from academia to food and business. But me? No way. Not when this little website that started as a hobby gave rise to one of the most global, fun, and dynamic communities I could ever have imagined!

Creating a Giant

With well over 1,500 recipes, proteinpow.com today stands as the world’s leading website for protein powder cooking. Since its inception in 2011, it has pioneered what is now an established style of cooking: one focused on not only the nutritional profile of food but also its flavor and ability to quench any and all cravings for otherwise nutritionally-void foods (i.a. cakes, pizzas, donuts, etc). In this way, Protein Pow has inspired millions of people around the world (and dozens of companies!) to get more inventive with their cooking and fall head-over-heels in love with healthy food.

Alongside writing at Protein Pow, I also write for magazines and fitness websites. In fact, since early 2013, I run a monthly column at Bodybuilding.comHere’s a sample of some of my magazine-published articles. From 2013 onwards, I also began hosting protein cooking workshops with professional athletes and members of the general public alike (click here to see our sample gallery).

The Bestelling Cookbook and App

In 2013, I self-published my first cookbook: Protein Pow(d)er: The Cookbook. Then, in 2014, I launched what is now an internationally acclaimed bestselling cookbook – The Ultimate Protein Pow(d)er Cookbookthe first protein powder cookbook ever published by a major publishing house: W.W. Norton. Also in 2014, I created
an app – the Protein Pow App (available for Andoid, iOS, and Windows phone) which, week after week, finds its way to the top of charts of healthy eating and protein-based recipes.

Our Products: A Brand New Chapter for Pow

To further push the boundaries and expand its reach in what has gone on to become a protein cooking revolution, I designed and launched our very own own line of protein powder mixes designed exclusively for cooking (read more about this here). Protein Pow’s mixes were formulated exclusively for making healthy and delicious foods. They are certified-gluten free and devoid of synthetic flavours, hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, fillers, GMOs, second-rate ingredients, and soy. They feature only highest quality protein and the best natural ingredients to enable its users to make their own nutrition-packed protein bars, protein truffles, protein pancakes, protein cookies, protein cakes, and more! All in just two or three easy steps that anyone can master. Order them here!!!!


Get in Touch

If you’d like to get in touch with me (Anna) or someone from the Protein Pow team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If your question pertains to content, media, or recipe creation, please contact anna@proteinpow.com. If you question is regarding stocking our new products, please email sales@proteinpow.com.

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