About Protein Pow

Protein Pow® is an innovative and dynamic food brand for health-conscious people who want to lead an active lifestyle without compromising their love for delicious snacks.

Anna SwardCreated by Anna Sward, Protein Pow® has been at the vanguard of protein and functional foods since its inception in 2012.

We have hosted over 100 cooking workshops with professional athletes and members of the public alike in the UK, US, and Sweden, worked with the biggest sports nutrition brands and been featured in some of the world’s top magazines.

Everything we have created, from day one, has been driven by the exact same spirit: the spirit that, if you can’t find what you want in the world, you have to get out there and create it 👊

Today, Protein Pow® stands as a global brand with internationally-published cookbooks (available in Amazon stores worldwide, Waterstones in the UK, Barnes & Noble,  Target and regional booksellers in the US, Dymocks in Australia, and more), thousands of published recipes on this website, an app, and a new range of innovative snack products (see below) which can be found specialty retailers like Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, independent health stores, and – very soon – a national chain of supermarkets.

Protein Pow®’s mission is simple: to make nutrition-dense protein-packed foods accessible to everyone – foods made with whole food ingredients, without gluten, without refined sugars, without artificial sweeteners, without artificial colours, without artificial flavours and without junk.

Protein Pow Cookie Dough Bars VeganOur passion is creating functional foods that make people’s healthy diets easier to follow and more enjoyable. That’s what led us to create our range of ready-to-eat cookie dough: the world’s first vegan no-sugar-added protein cookie dough designed to be eaten raw as well as baked into cookies.

Unlike other brands with the word ‘protein’ in them, we don’t sell supplements or promote weight-loss or muscle-gain indiscriminately in order to sell products. We don’t create products full of junk while peddling ‘bikini body’ or ‘ab-building’ fantasies.

We’re not a supplement brand or a sports nutrition brand promoting performance over nutrition either.

At the core, we are a food brand: a food brand passionate about bringing enjoyment to people’s daily diets. We’re here to inspire people around the world to fall in love with nutrition and healthy snacking in the quickest, most convenient, and most delicious way possible!

Through our products
, recipe app, cookbooks, and the thousands of recipes on this website, we show you how easy cooking with protein and combining it with whole food ingredients can be:

Black bean protein brownies, vegan protein truffles, oat-based pizza crusts, protein fluffs, gluten-free béchamel sauce, veggie burgers, protein breads, protein cookie dough, and more: at Protein Pow®, we’ve got your recipe and snack needs all covered.

None of our recipes or products use soy protein, gluten, refined table sugar or artificial ingredients of any kind.

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