About Protein Pow

Protein Pow ® is a innovative, dynamic, and fun brand for health-conscious people who want to lead a fit and active lifestyle without compromising their love for delicious food.

Created by Anna Sward, Protein Pow has been at the vanguard of protein and functional foods since its inception in 2011. Today, it stands as a global brand with three internationally-published cookbooks, thousands of published recipes, and products on shelves across more than 12 different countries.

Protein Pow’s mission is simple: to make simple, nutritious, and protein-packed foods accessible to everyone, on every occasion.

Our passion is creating functional foods and ingredients that make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable! Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t sell supplements or promote weight-loss or muscle-gain indiscriminately in order to sell products.

We don’t strive to make people feel like less (e.g. less in shape, less healthy, less fit, or less worthy) in order to sell more.

Integrity and a passion for healthy eating and happy living is at the core of everything we do. That’s why you will never see us promoting fad diets, temporary quick fixes, or cookie-cutter diet programs. We just don’t believe giving people restrictive dietary rules to follow or dressing up products full of junk and artificial ingredients as ‘healthy.’ We don’t believe in pushing the idea that, to be healthy, people have to LOOK at certain way.

Instead, we strive to inspire and help people fall in love with healthy eating and fitness not out of dislike for their bodies now but out of love, always.



We believe in motivating everyone to strive for being MORE: more active, happier, stronger, healthier. Because, to us, THAT is when a truly healthy diet and active lifestyle becomes easy. And THAT is when lives truly begin to change.

At Protein Pow, we bring fun to healthy eating. We bring enjoyment back to people’s daily diets. Our mission is simple: we’re here to inspire people around the world to fall in love with nutrition in the quickest, most convenient and most delicious way possible!

Our wide range of products, recipe app, and Anna’s three cookbooks and thousands of recipes were created out of our love for protein, delicious meals/snacks, and real-food ingredients. None of our recipes or products use soy protein, gluten, refined table sugar, hydrogenated oils, or obscure ingredients that few people know, let alone understand.

We make following a nutritionally-dense and satisfying diet easy – and life-changingly fun too! So join us; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Start cooking with us here!