Edible Protein Cookie Dough: Say Hello to Protein Pow Bars

After spending over a year – day in and day out for what feels like an eternity – in our test kitchen, we finally made it: the best ready-to-eat snack on earth! What is it? It’s ready to eat protein cookie dough, in convenient grab-and-go bar form.


A cookie dough that’s high in protein, gluten-free, plant-based, high in fibre, sugar-free, and 100% ready to bake into protein cookies (just flatted it, throw it in the oven and in less than 10 minutes… POW! Cookies). An edible protein cookie dough of dreams 🤗Protein Cookie Dough BarsWe went through so many cookie dough versions on our journey to here. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you! Making a veggie protein-based cookie dough that a) tastes amazing, b) can be baked into genuinely-awesome cookies, c) features no sugar or artificial ingredients, and d) has a good amount of protein was a proper challenge. But if there’s something we love here at POW, it’s a good challenge. So we took it on.

I’m happy to announce that our cookie dough has now launched on our website as well as in the chillers of all Whole Foods stores (in the UK first, US next), all Planet Organic stores, select Sainsbury’s supermarkets, and more! Click here of our stockists.

Protein Pow Cookie Dough

The flavors we decided to launch with are my all-time favorite: fudge brownie, snickerdoodle, and of course chocolate chip. Which one would you go for first?

Protein Cookie Dough Bars
I have been – and will continue to – share more about this journey via our Instagram page so check that out if you want to find out more about these babies right here! Can’t wait for you to bite into our dough, you’ll go gagagagaga 🤪 

I also can’t wait for you to start playing with it too! It’s perfect not just to eat on the go, as you would a bar, and to turn into cookies. It’s also fab to roll into balls to make truffles, coat in melted chocolate, chopped and mixed with ice cream, used to make cookie pies, oh! The possibilities are endless. Can’t wait for you to join me in playing with it!!!! Lots of excitement awaits! ❤️


Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough