Halloween Protein Chocolates

Healthy Halloween Candy Protein Recipe Ideas

Have you ever had a chocolate cup stuffed with cake?

Yeah, not peanut butter.

Protein Halloween Chocolate


Yup, cake!

It’s great because you get a bit of a surprise when you bite into the chocolate. What’s that? Soft cake!? You kind of don’t expect it, you know? Which makes the whole thing pretty exciting.

Doing this is really easy. All you need is to have a pre-made protein brownie around and then POW! You encase it in chocolate.

What if you don’t have a protein brownie around? Well, then you make one in as little as 5 minutes (check this out!)

If you don’t like to eat dairy and eggs by the way, just follow my vegan protein POW brownies recipe.

Or any of these ones?

Just have fun with this idea :-)

Oh and if you don’t have halloween-y chocolate molds like I do, you can use paper muffin cups. Or get some silicone ones from our shop of protein goodness?

PS: Here’s a vanilla cake-less version of this recipe too, in case you want to explore other things you can do with your chocolate molds.

Until next time, from me and everyone else here at POW:


Halloween Protein Candy