Top 5 Protein Donuts Recipes

Hi guys!

This is just a quick post to hook you all up to donuts! Protein donuts.

Well, recipes for donuts.

Making protein donuts is a lot of fun! You can make all kinds of icings and they’re a fraction of the calories (and sugar) as regular donuts.

Here are my top four recipes, the first one features a Donut Beast:

Don’t worry, he’s friendly.

Ready for this donathon? Let’s do this:

Protein Doughnuts Recipe


Best Protein Donuts RecipeAlmond & Chocolate Protein Donuts
Watch up for the donut man…)

Protein Donuts – a recipe AND video
These ones are AMAZING, perhaps my favorite to date)

Protein Donuts
This recipe hails from the very first protein POW cookbook! A 2013 relic)

Bodybuilding Protein Donuts
An oldie but a classic!)

Jon’s Protein Donuts: a Medley of Awesomeness
If you like crrrrrrrazy donuts, you’ll love this post by Jon)

Protein donuts, by the way, aren’t fried. They’re baked! Inside donuts molds. If you don’t have donut molds, you can easily get them from kitchen stores or amazon! That’s where I’ve gotten all of mine. I suggest you go for silicone as opposed to tin ones because they’re a) easier to use, b) you won’t need to grease them and most importantly c) they’re easy to wash. If you’re in the UK, I’d say get this one. In the US, this – for SURE. Let me know when you make your first donuts! And if sharing on Instagram, tag #proteinpow so I can seeeeeee.

Protein Pow Doughnuts Recipe


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