High-Protein Veggie Burgers

Hi everyone! I’d like to introduce you to two amazing savory protein recipes, both veggie-based and delicious! I’d also like to introduce you to someone we love and who you absolutely will too because she’s a amazing and inspiring and so so sweet. Let me tell you about her first.

Carli is a bona fide superhero who lost 140lbs (63.5kg!) naturally, in just two years, by falling in love with health and fitness. Her posts and messages are always upbeat and inspiring and she’s just an all-around sweetheart so say hi to her (here) if your’e on IG!

We actually met Carli totally by chance at at expo a couple of months ago where she came up to our Pow stand and bought some of our protein powders. We then stayed in touch after that and, after seeing all the deliciousness she’s been cooking up, well, I asked her if she could share a couple of her top veggie protein recipes with you guys. To inspire you to make veggie burgers that, unlike most veggie burgers out there, are actually high in protein! As well as packed full of delicious veggies. Mic over to Carli!

Homemae Protein Falafel Burgers 

For my Sunday lunch the other day, I decided to throw a lot of  great ingredients together and create a kind of Rainbow Vegan Buddha Bowl for Sunday lunch.

Now, I’m not a vegan, or even a vegetarian for that matter, but I like to play around with beautiful nutrition-dense foods. We eat with our eyes at the end of the day! So I always try to make everything I eat fun and exciting, as well as delicious of course. Eating healthy food that’s appealing and yummy is something that, the more you do, the more you actually love it because you realise that healthy foods not only taste great, they make you feel great too. So, in time, you begin to actually prefer nutritious foods over unhealthy options! You end up actually craving the right stuff.

I had lots of veggies in my food when I made these falafel burger patties – I pretty much just mashed them all together and the end result was absolutely delicious. Try it! This is what I did:

Ingredients (for 6 patties)

2 cans of cooked chickpeas
2 can of green lentils (lightly steamed until soft)
1 large mashed (cooked) parsnip
1/3 cup sesame seeds
Pinch of S&P (salt and pepper)
2 big spoons of pea protein POW


Place everything in a bowl and, using potato masher or electric mixer, mash and blend up the ingredients until it all sticks together.

Create 6 patties and grill them in a pan on medium heat, using a tsp of coconut oil for about 5-6 minutes either side.

Serve over beetroot, bean sprouts, pumpkin, spiralized Zucchini (courgette) and peas in a homemade basil dressing, red kidney beans with tomato and onion, yellow capsicums (bell peppers) avocado with poppy seeds, then topped with a dollop of (dairy-free) cream fraiche, all on a bed of spinach!

Vegan 3-Bean Bun-Less Burger

Healthy Lunch never ever everrrr has to be boring!! I loved whipping up this “Vegan 3-Bean Bun-Less Burger”

For the fillings, I just grilled a thin slice of pumpkin for the base, then added a layer of lettuce, beetroot, grilled zucchini, eggplant & onion! I topped it all then with fresh tomato and avocado, before adding a grilled mushroom on top as my ‘bun.’

The burger itself was easy, all I did was mash up the following ingredients


Can of red kidney, cannellini and flageolet beans (you really can use any though)
1 medium sweet potato (cooked & mashed)
Pinch of S&P
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp of poppy seeds
2 large tbsps of pea protein POW


Simply mix it all together and divide in to patties (makes about 7-8) then grill with coconut oil.

Serve with a side of butternut Squash lattice chips with a paprika and plain soya @alpro yogurt dip!

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