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Last weekend we were at FitCon, selling our mixes, powders, and celebrating all things protein and POW by handing out freshly-made Pow bars and brownies! (Here’s a little video I put together and here’s an album of our stand!)

Protein Brownies Recipe Gluten-Free

FitCon is a brand new UK expo that aims to take over the world of fitness expos in the UK. I think they’re going to very quickly for two main reason: 1. because their number one rival is going downhill fast and 2. because like their slogan says, they are better. The way they work is better, their ethos is better and their vision and power are bigger, far bigger, than anything I’ve ever seen in the UK (and I’ve exhibited at a LOT of expos both within and outside the fitness industry). Join us next year and you’ll see. It’s going to be crazy!

VEGAN PROTEIN BROWNIES - THE BEST BROWNIES ON EARTH - GLUTEN-FREESpeaking of crazy, let me tell you guys about these vegan protein brownies. Sarah, Steve, and I made them for the second and third day of the expo and they were delicious! You guys must try them, they were so gooey and soft and rich and just… gorgeous. The recipe for them was really easy too! We made them the night before each day and they took only a few minutes to make.

Brownie Ingredients

1/2 bag vegan pea Protein Pow mix
1 small jar (340g) of peanut butter (or cashew butter)
A handful of cocoa powder
Almond milk to bind (we used unflavored)
1/3 jar (around 100ml) of date syrup and toffee stevia drops to taste (or JUST date syrup – see note below)
A handful of dark chocolate chips

Brownie Directions

1. Get a big bowl out and mix all your ingredients together until you get a big and delicious soft cookie-doughy dough that you can press onto a baking tray.

2. Put some baking paper on top of the brownies and press it down with a rolling pin (or a glass if you don’t have a rolling pin!)

3. Bake for 7-10 minutes at 160 C (320 F)

That’s it! Super easy, right? And they were so good!

Macros per brownie, out of the 12 normal brownie-sized brownies you get from the above (using PB and the date syrup plus stevia): 1239kcals, 15g protein, 14g carbs, 14g fat (a perfectly balanced split!)

Protein Pow Brownie Recipe


We made two versions of these brownies, I suggest you try both! The first day we used date syrup AND stevia drops but the second day we didn’t have enough date syrup so we used less date syrup and a bunch of stevia drops. We were really impressed by how they turned out because we expected a bit of bitterness from the stevia but no! They were lovely and sweet.


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