Valentine’s Day Protein Pow Dark Chocolates (Dairy-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Delicious!!!!!!)

Protein CHocolates Recipe Protein PowThe last few days have been absolute whirlwinds. I’ve woken up at 4am every morning and taken the train to London for dozens of meetings about our soon-to-be-released protein POW! bars! Protein Pow Chocolates RecipeThe bars’ aim is to rock the world of protein bars so as you can imagine, creating that kind of craziness takes quite a bit of time and a heck of a ton of energy! But good energy, you know? It’s part of what makes Pow so exciiiiiiting!!!!

Anyways, you’re here for chocolates so let me get right to it:
Protein CHocolates RecipeValentine’s Day coming up and if you have someone in your life who loves chocolates AND healthy eating, I strongly recommend you make them a batch of these! They’re absolutely delicious!!!!!

Here’s how you make them:

First, if you don’t have one, go get a silicone chocolate mold. Today is the 11th so you have time. Head over to your local kitchen shop to get one or visit amazon where there is an insane amount to choose from. There are a ton of different shapes you can get – hearts, stars, ducks and bunnies, all kinds! Check them all our here if you’re in the UK and here if you’re in the US. Madness, right? Silicone chocolate molds are really fun and if you’re anything like me, you’ll use them a lot so go grab a tray or two.

To make these chocolates, I actually used some of our 1-ingredient pea protein POW. Could you make these chocolates with another protein powder? For sure! But when it comes to food, our protein is awesome! It has absolutely nothing added to it. This *may* sound boring to some of you but if you want to have a versatile powder that you can use for sweet and savory recipes, then Pow’s for you :-) Do remember, by the way, to enter our February apron competition 🤗 Check it out here.

Back to the chocolates (sorry, I keep digressing!): they’re a dark chocolate lover’s dream! Unbelievably tasty. They happen to be dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan as well. The recipe is super easy too. I’ve jotted it down below in tablespoons AND in grams for those of you who prefer grams over tbsps.

Take a look at the Notes below as well for add-on ideas too!

Protein CHocolates Recipe Gluten Free Ingredients

1 tbsp almond butter, smooth – 16g
1/2-1 tsp vanilla stevia drops (I used this stuff – it’s honestly my favorite!)
1 tbsp pea protein powder (I used ours, yehawww) – 7g
1/2 tbsp golden linseeds aka flaxseeds
1 tbsp almond milk – 15ml
1 tbsp cocoa powder – 7g
2 tsp granulated stevia or coconut sugar – 8g
1/2 bar dark chocolate (I used 90% dark but anything above 70% would work well) – 100g

Protein CHocolates RecipeDirections

1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl or food processor until you get a delicious dough! Divide this dough into five tiny balls. Try not to eat them all – you’re going to want to!

2. Melt your dark chocolate.

3. Place half of the dark chocolate in the bottom of the mold and your dough in the middle.

4. Cover with the rest of the dark chocolate.

5. Refrigerate for a couple of hours and POW!!!!!! Done baby, done!

6. Place the chocolates in a heart-shaped chocolate box or a regular box if you want to make a more touching impression and give them to your loved one this Valentine’s Day! Or to yourself because #SelfLove, ya’ know, hehe.


To jazz up your protein chocolates further, consider adding some freeze-dried berries to your dough! Or chopped walnuts or pecans. You could also add a few drops of Tia Maria if you want to make boozy truffles. Or whisky even. Or champagne? Just bear in mind if you DO add any of that, to use only 1/2 tbsp of it and then 1/2 tbsp of your almond milk (to ensure your dough stays doughy).

PS: I took a couple of the pics above (the ones showing you what the chocolates are like inside) with my phone, on the train. Can ANY of you guess what book I was reading????? Comment in the comment box below if you know and I’ll send you a present if you get it right!


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