The 2017 Protein Pow Holiday Recipes Ebook


Hi guys! I have a present for you! It’s the 2017 Holiday Recipes Ebook! It costs $8 but I want you to have it for free.

It’s my way of saying thank you, you know? Thank you logging on to this website every day for recipes, articles, my goofy illustrations, and/or just marvel at all the crazy things that are possible to make using protein powder! Thank you for buying our protein powders this year too and our POW aprons, my books, and/or for joining one (or several) of our events this year. You guys are what make this wild world of Protein Pow possible so thank you! I honestly can’t wait to share 2018 with you. We have so many absolutely crazy things in the pipeline, uffff…. I won’t say anything other than *cough cough* cookie and be done.

Bueno, you’re here for an ebook so let’s get to it. You can buy it if you really want to flip the table on me and give me a present after I offer to give you a present myself. But that’s just silly, hehe. Go ahead and download it for free using code SANTAPOW when you check out here:


Just add the e-book to your cart, sign out, and enter the code SANTAPOW when you’re prompted for a discount code. That’ll bring your balance right down to… $0!

The e-cookbook contains several of my all-time favorite protein-packed recipes from the last few holiday ebooks along of a few favorites that have been published this year.

The result is an 83-page recipe beauty for you guys to enjoy this holiday season!

All recipes in the ebook are refined-sugar-free, gluten-free, and packed full of nutrition.

I urge you to print this ebook out and, if you can, turn it into a mini book by getting it spiral-bound in your local print shop. That way, you can keep it in your kitchen, leaf through it, and cook up a protein storm this holiday reason. You can even give it a to a friend this January alongside a tub of Pow protein powder, an apron, and/or a hard copy of the *brand new* Protein Pow cookbook! The point is for it to be accessible to you and inspire you to get creative with your cooking – and your protein this holiday season and upcoming new year.

All the recipes found here (like those found at and the Pow app) are inspired by three interdependent passions: a passion for exercise, a passion for nutrition, and a passion for great-tasting food. Those things are what inspire me to experiment with my ingredients every day and to focus on creating the tastiest and most nutrition-packed foods I can imagine :-)

Have fun with this one, guys! And have a wonderful holiday season ahead! Stay in touch too and, as always, feel free to ask any questions and/or share some of your recipe goodies via and/or and #proteinpow.

Have an awesome weekend ahead!!!!!

Anna Sward