“Cuenca Tart” Protein Bites by Maggie K.


This recipe was submitted by Maggie K. (@cupkackes) for our Great Coffee Pow competition!!!!! It goes like this:


2.5 Full Graham Crackers
1/3 Cup Nutella, mixed with 1 Scoop Chocolate, Whey Protein Powder (make sure it is a spreadable consitency, add water or coffee 1 teaspoon at a time)
1 Cup Cooled Coffee

Equipment Needed:

Building plate (any plate larger than a graham cracker)


1. Break Graham Cracker in half. Place one onto your building plate. Take the second and spread a thin layer of nutella mixture on one side and then hold the other side for 5-10 seconds in cooled coffee allowing the crackers to soak up some of the flavor but not completely be submerged into the liquid (which will cause it to crumble). Then place the nutella side of the cracker down in line with the first cracker. Repeat this process three more times, each time adding the cracker to the tower forming on the building plate.

2. You may choose to coat the entire layered crackers with nutella or drizzle melted chocolate like I did.

Macronutrients: (per serving) 6.7g fat, 18.7g carbs, 10.2g protein, 178 calories

Inspiration: I traveled to Salamanca, Spain during my sophomore year of college (ah 8 years ago now!?) Anyway, one of the Spanish girls in my program made these..not with a protein pow, but I absolutely loved it but wanted to alter it to have a more balanced macronutrient profile so I could continue to devour them during a contest prep, or just feel better about eating them!)

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