15 Awesome Protein Coffee Recipes

 Whey Protein Coffee Recipe

If you’re into coffee and protein, this post is like a dream come true. It features all of the entries for our Coffee Pow competition and there are some awesome ideas in there. Check them out! The winners will be selected by popular vote and crowned a week from today so please, everyone, get voting :-)

unnamed-2To vote, all you need to do is check out all the recipes below and click on your favorite  – EASY. Your ‘view’ will then be counted as a ‘vote.’

I suggest you click on all of them to check them out and then ‘cast’ your vote by clicking back to your favourite recipe or, ideally, sharing it with your friends and family so they can see it (and thus ‘vote’ for it) too!

Go ahead and make any or all of these recipes too. Report back when you do so we can let their creators know as well! They’d love it if you tried their recipes :-)

All recipes below are a celebration of coffee, protein, and delicious food. If you like coffee and protein as much as I do, well… you’re in for a treat! I included links to anyone who submitted a recipe and provided their social media and/or website details so be sure to check them out to get more awesome recipe ideas and content.

partyEnough from me though, here are all the recipes. Have fun with this one!!!! And, again, thanks for everyone who submitted a recipe! I love connecting with you guys, running competitions, seeing what kind of recipes you all come up with, and most of all, I adore giving you guys free stuff!!!! Here are our 15 awesome recipe entries, kaPOW!

Protein Popcorn Recipe