Protein Fluff at the SFN Expo

Protein Fluff Recipe

Last weekend was the SFN expo and the team and I went up to Glasgow to run Pow workshops for 180 people and to sell some of our new protein cooking mixes.

Here are ALL the pics; below are a couple of videos too!

The show was amazing and our Pow workshops were an absolute blast to conduct – and to eat through! We made hundreds of protein bars and truffles over the weekend and a silly amount of Protein Fluff. Bowls and bowls and bowls full of the wonderful stuff:

Protein Pow Fluff Recipe


I had everyone who made Protein Fluff at the expo test it by flipping the bowl over their heads. If the fluff stays in the bowl, wooohooo! It means the fluff is ready to be eaten. If it falls all over your head, well…

What was really awesome to me was the sheer amount of people who went up to me during or after the workshop to say that fluff has changed their lives; people who’ve been making fluff every week – sometimes every day – since they first discovered it. It sounds ridiculous but, honestly, fluff is one of those things!

It’s a kind of magical food unlike anything else on earth. If you’ve never made protein fluff, please do! I always describe it as a cross between ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallow fluff and… clouds. It’s delightful: fluffy, light, and unbelievably filling! And unbelievably healthy: all it is is fruit and protein!

All you need to make it are three ingredients: frozen fruit, whey, and milk. That’s it. If you want directions, this is good for a giant bowl: 2 scoops of whey, a bag (500g) of frozen fruit and a couple of splashes of milk. There are a ton of precise recipes (with macros) on the Protein Pow app, some more here, and the cookbook also has a fluff recipe too.

This is how you make Protein Fluff, it’s REALLY easy:

I leave thee then with a compilation of successfully conducted Pow Fluff tests :-)



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