My Top 15 Chocolate Protein Pow Recipes

PRotein Chocolate Recipe




In case you didn’t know, today is  NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY! Or World Chocolate Day, rather because, hey! Chocolate knows no borders ;-)


To celebrate it, allow me to present to you FIFTEEN of my favorite Protein Pow recipes featuring chocolate, darrrrk chocolate.


Choose one (or many) recipe, print it out, and make it today! Or any day really ;-) Because a bit of dark chocolate every day keeps gloom at bay! And it’s actually good for you, you know? Especially when coupled with some good ol’ proTEIN kaPOW 👊

So let’s do this, my top fifteen Pow Chocolate recipes are *drumroll*:

IMG_0002-3-copy-1024x683IMG_0275 copy1. Layered Double Chocolate Cake (ohohooo, yeah baby!!!!)

2. Protein Espresso Chocolate Cups!

3. Vegan Protein Brownies (don’t let the word ‘vegan’ dissuade you if you’re not vegan! These are lush).

ESPRESSO POW4. Molten Chocolate Protein Cake

5. A Sinless Dark Chocolate Cake

6. Melting Heart Protein Brownies

7. Almond & Dark Chocolate Protein Bars (these could make and break HEARTS!)

Protein Brownie Bar Han Solo8. Han Solo Protein Bars (for those who want to unleash the chocolate force within).

9. Double Chocolate & Nut Protein Bars (ugghhh!!!! Guys!!! You have GOT to make these!)

10. PB & Chocolate Protein Fudge Bars

IMG_0430-1024x68311. Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies (protein awesomeness galore)

12. Charlie’s Double PB Protein Truffles (Zeus. I’m salivating like crazy writing this post…)

13. Raw 5-Ingredient Pow Brownies

IMG_0639-1024x68314. Chilli-Choc No-Bake Brownies

15. My Snickers-Inspired Protein Pow Bars (woopa)


It was hard to choose just 15 recipes. Actually… it was impossible. Why? Because there are CLOSE TO A THOUSAND recipes featuring chocolate at!!! Using all KINDS of protein powder. Over a thousand. I kid you not. I am what some would call a chocoholic but I’d call… a passionate fan of chocolate, a chocoseur? ;-)

If you dare to look, start here. If you’re hungry or prone to sudden bouts of chocolate-food-porn induced hunger, PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

You’ve been warned. Bonne appetit!


Snickers Protein Bar Recipe