Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Protein Pow Bars


This recipe is crazy!

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Guilt-Free Cookie Dough? With the coffee on the side? So good! And the taste. Uffff…. THE TASTE! They’re like cookie dough in both taste and texture. And they feature only all natural nutrition-packed ingredients. No ridiculous amount of artificial flavorings like the vast majority of ‘cookie dough’ and ‘snickerdoodle’ protein bars out there contain. No soy. No artificial sweeteners. No junk of ANY kind. Pure protein bar perfection! You have to try them.

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1/8 cup ground gluten-free oats (or oat flour)
1-2 tbsp g whey protein powder
1 big tbsp. (9g-10g) coconut flour
2 tbsp smooth cashew butter
1 big tbsp honey
Tiny bit of milk (just enough to bind everything together!)
Cinnamon to taste (I used a LOT)
Crushed 99% Lindt dark chocolate (about 4 small squares roughly crushed by hand)

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1) Mix everything together until you get a dough (if it’s too wet, add a bit more of the coconut flour. If it’s too dry, add a bit more of the milk!)
2) Shape the dough into bars




Just two steps, a few ingredients, and you get delicious cookie-doughy protein bars featuring nothing but all-natural ingredients! No artificial nada. No hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, or wack shelf-life extending preservatives. All gluten-free and featuring the absolute best ingredients: coconut flour, gluten-free oats, grass-fed whey protein, organic Madagascan vanilla, nut butter, and agave. And that’s it! Magic? Nah. Just protein…


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