Handmade Confectionary aka Protein Chocolates!


‘Healthy Confectionary.’ Those two words sound like they don’t really belong together.

I mean, ‘healthy’ makes one think of salad, vegetables, fruits, fiber, vitamins… And confectionary? Well, that’s just candy! Chocolate. Sweets. The word evokes sugar and indulgence and the pampering of one’s tastebuds for that hgggn, hnnnggggh, hnnnngggggh feeling.

But you can combine them. You can combine the blissful element of confectioned goods – (like handmade chocolates) with healthy and nutrition-packed ingredients. And I don’t mean like this:




I mean it in the sense that you can make delicious and actually good-for-you chocolates, like these Protein Chocolates right here!

Now, the protein bit is essential. I include it in my chocolates to balance off their macronutrient profile and make sure that what we’re eating isn’t just a bite of sugar and fat with some fiber here and there. What we want when we bite into these chocolates is a nice dose of protein, complex carbs, and nutrient-rich ingredients to keep us fuller for longer and satisfy our chocolate-loving beast within.

I actually made these chocolates as part of our Afternoon Coffee Hour here at Pow. This is an hour when Daniel and I sit down with the rest of the Pow team, drink copious amounts of espresso, and dig into work as we munch our protein chocolates, protein bars, and whatever protein treats I’ve made either that morning or the day before. Things like these chocolates! They were delicious. We demolished them in under five minutes ;-) And now you can too, here’s the recipe:


Do remember to read the Notes below too for some ingredient subs!


1/4 cup (30g) Pow Whey Mix (see Note below)
2 tbsps (30g) cashew nut butter
Water (or almond milk) to bind the above (I used around 10ml)
10 drops of toffee flavored stevia (I used one by Nutri-Nick but whatever you have handy should do the job!)
3 squares (30g) dark chocolate (I used 90% because we roll darkly here at Pow)


1. Mix all your filling ingredients together until you get a dough that you can shape with your hands.
2. Shape this dough into 3 rectangles, or bars.
3. Slice the bars horizontally to form squares.
4. Melt your dark chocolate and dip each square in the chocolate, decorating each chocolate afterwards with whatever you like. This is obviously optional but nice, especially if you’re going to stick them in a box! Here, I just grated a cashew nut and sprinkled it diagonally over our dark chocos. M, mm, mmm.

Macros per chocolate (out of the six you get from the mix above): 74.5kcals, 3.1g protein, 4.25g carbs (out of which 1g is fiber so net carbs 3.2), 5.1g fat (mostly from the nut butter).



If you want to make your chocolates vegan, you absolutely can! Just use our certified vegan Pow Pea Mix and a bit more of the water (or almond milk) to bind. You can also substitute the type of sweetener you use for another kind of stevia drops or a granulated sweetener, be it a low-cal one like granulated stevia or erythritol or a more ‘natural’ (but higher carb) sweetener like coconut sugar.

While our Pow mixes are created (and distributed) in the UK and, very soon, in Scandinavia, they ship all over the world directly from the Pow shop. We JUST managed to dramatically lower the price for shipping to the USA to £10 (around $15) for anything up to 3 bags. I’m super pumped about that! Because, for international shipping, we got it down a LOT. If you live elsewhere though, e.g. in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, India, or beyond, please check the price our shop gives you when you try to check out. We want to get all those shipping prices down as looooow as possible so you can try the mixes ASAP! So do drop a comment below saying where you’re based so we can work on getting better shipping rates for you in case they’re silly high. It’s about making it EASY for you guys to turn this website into food – and EAT it :-D



Just a heads-up, on the homepage of proteinpow.com, all new recipes will automatically load up into the bubbles (pictured below). And I’ll post the recipe of the day in a big banner too (it’s below Bessie on the homepage right now), so you definitely don’t miss it. Tomorrow’s recipe? Protein Pancakes (because hey, it’s Sunday!) Stay tuned ;-)

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