Oreo Protein Cupcakes


I’m off to run the last Protein Pow London workshop this year but wanted to leave you with a little recipe something until I’m back, post our penultimate Pow launch clue, and chase that up with our big announcement + the unveiling of the new proteinpow.com.

This recipe is one of the many exclusive recipes found in the Protein Pow Cookbook. It’s for Oreo Protein Cupcakes! The secret to making the frosting properly oreo-esque is using black onyx cocoa powder. But don’t worry if you don’t have it, you can use regular cocoa powder too. Just know that your frosting will be light instead of dark brown and taste more of chocolate than onyx.

Do note that you can use ANY muffin recipe to make these cupcakes. And play around with your frosting too, e.g. by adding a ‘real’ oreo on top!

[ultimate-recipe id=”15568″ template=”101″]



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