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At Protein Pow, we are: Vegan Friendly



As you can probably gather from all the protein recipes I post (and eat), I’m not vegan. But several of my close friends, as well as tens of thousands of readers of Protein Pow, follow a vegan diet. And I love that. I love it because it allows me to support them and, in the process, dabble into the world of vegan cooking to create innovative, delicious, and nutrition-packed vegan protein recipes to cater to their needs (e.g.  these Protein Cupcakes are madness! As are the rest of these).

I get a lot of questions about vegan products to fit a high(er) protein vegan diet too. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for new vegan protein foods, drinks, and powders! And why, when it came time to formulate our products, I made sure to create a vegan version. Not just in name, but in actual fact – by getting it certified by the Vegan Society (woop woop!) So here are the news:

Our Pea Protein Cooking Mix  is CERTIFIED Vegan! And you can use it to make all these delicious Vegan Treats:

Pea Protein Pow Mix

Don’t let its title mislead you into thinking it’s ONLY catered to vegans though. It’s catered to everyone! To everyone who loves dairy-free high-protein deliciousness and, either always or every once in a while, likes to enjoy bite of vegan protein heaven?

I’m super excited about this because, for me at least, a lot of existing protein-featuring vegan protein products leave a lot to be desired. Either they’re bland or they’re artificially sweetened and flavoured to taste of… blaaa. And I think the time has come for something better. Something tastier. Something with a little bit more… POW! Try the mix and you’ll see: you’ll be blown away!

Update: Our Vegan Pea Protein Pow Mix has now been shotlisted for a Free-From award in INNOVATION! Check us out. The announcement will come in April, woooop!

Pea Protein Cooking Mix Gluten-Free



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