Double Peanut Butter NO-BAKE Protein Cheesecake – by Karmen

unnamed (3)Today I bright you guys a guest post by the superstar that is Karmen, aka Missk_J6 on Instagram, illustrated below here by yours truly.

unnamedHailing from Australia, Karmen leads the POW! lifestyle to the T: she works out regularly, lives big, and loves to cook (and eat!) healthy and delicious food. If you don’t follow her on Instagram, seriously get on it because her food is fantastic and she often shares fitness tips and insights on how to balance eating well with being constantly on the move! Karmen is also a ridiculously nice person so do say hi when you connect with her too.

This, as the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice, is not Karmen’s first guest post at Protein Pow. These layered protein brownies are! And here’s her second guest post, for brazilian protein cheese puffs. Ready for her third? Mic over to the lady herself first:

unnamed (1)Hi! I’m Karmen and I’m addicted to desserts. But I love health and fitness too so my approach to cooking is trying to incorporate the two together, so I can enjoy the best of both worlds! Most of my recipes contain ingredients like protein powder; healthier fat options, and I always try to sneak veggies and healthier options into my recipes, like zucchini or even black beans and chickpeas! I love to experiment in the kitchen and find a lot of inspiration in understanding different styles of diets – like gluten-free, raw, vegetarian and vegan! I love to indulge in sweet treats after dinner (or throughout the day too!) in a way that allows me to stay fit and healthy. Treats like… this cheesecake! I hope you like it. Here’s the recipe:

[ultimate-recipe id=”15381″ template=”101″]


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