High Protein Summer Treats & The Protein Pow Fluff Test

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If it’s as hot where you are as it is here in the South of England this week – or if what you’re after is something to enjoy after a hot and sweaty workout – you’re going to really enjoy these recipes. They were designed to cater to the desire to keep cool while at the same time enjoying something healthy, protein-packed, and out-of-this-world delicious. Let me start with ice cream, protein ice cream, and end with shenanigans of the protein kind:

Apricot Protein Ice Cream



This recipe is really easy and involves only a handful of ingredients. It features vanilla whey and apricots but, if you want, you can sub the vanilla whey for unflavored whey and the apricots for your fruit of choice (e.g. bananas, berries?) I’ve made different versions of this ice cream a lot since writing it – it’s just so simple to make! And it’s far superior (and much cheaper) to any store-bought protein ice cream out there too, I think so at least. Give it a shot and report back! Here’s the recipe.

My Favorite Protein Shake



I don’t normally make protein shakes but, when I do, I make this one. I’ve been making it for over ten years now! And I absolutely love it, every time. It’s creamy, smooth, and PACKED with nutrition-dense ingredients. Please try it next time you crave drinking something sweet and frothy like a smoothie or milkshake. It’s delicious. Here’s the recipe.

Blackberry Protein Fluff


This is a Protein Pow classic and one of those recipes that you NEED to bring you life and introduce in your life. One thing I want you to remember when you make Protein Pow-style Protein Fluff is that it has to pass what I like to call the Protein Pow Fluff Test. If it doesn’t, then it ain’t fluffed right. What’s the Protein Pow Fluff Test? It’s a test that involves you sticking a bowl of protein fluff over your head and NOT have it drop on you. That’s how you know your protein fluff is ready: when it doesn’t make you look as though you buried your head in a giant smoothie. It’s a dangerous test, sure, but protein fluff is one of those things for which you got to live a little ;-) Here are as few examples of people (including me) doing the fluff test, as evidence that the Protein Pow Fluff Test CAN be passed:

This is Steve Cook, international fitness model, bodybuilder, bodybuilding.com spokesmodel, and creator of stevecookhealth.com. Look at the joy in the guy’s face when his fluff passed the Protein Pow Fluff Test (here too is a video of Steve trying fluff after I introduced him to it a couple of years back):


This is me last year in our Protein Pow NYC workshop. In case you’re wondering whether that bowl is empty, the answer is no. It’s FULL of protein fluff.


1017406_748287658555481_8339576559771392774_nThis is Bryn Ray, Optimum Nutrition athlete, fitness model, and creator of brynrayfitness.com. It was taken during the Protein Pow workshop that I ran for Optimum Nutrition fitness models last year. He didn’t want to risk all the fluff potentially ruining his amazing hair so he did theProtein Pow Fluff Test using a spoon. And passed.

The following two photos are from another one of my Protein Pow NYC workshops. Check out the fear in the eyes of the people taking the Protein Pow Fluff Test. And the shaideundroide in the eyes of those witnessing it, hehehe.

10411792_764160180301562_5311369334590343125_n 10462869_764160103634903_2715109817655625512_nHere’s another one, again from my Optimum Nutrition Protein Pow workshop last year. It was taken after Bryn gathered the courage to take the test with the bowl (after realizing that, since he passed theProtein Pow Fluff Test using the spoon, the bowl should be fine; note here too that the spoon made it to his mouth). Note also Steve’s face. Protein Pow Fluff Test just yields so much excitement!

Finally, here’s me on stage last year, demoing that the Protein Pow Fluff Test CAN be passed with two wonderful volunteers. As the creator of the Protein Pow Fluff Test and an avid Protein Fluff consumer, I’ve passed it many many times – thus my calm, a calm that you soon too will come to know after you’ve made fluff a few times and feel confident enough to pass Protein Pow Fluff Test!

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