Chocolate Protein Mousse

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The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that this recipe has been posted before. It has. But not in mousse form: it’s been posted before as frosting.

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I originally created this recipe for this Double Chocolate Protein Cake. After making it though, I had some of the frosting left over. And what does one do with leftover frosting? One doesn’t throw it out! One keeps it :-)

So I stuck it in a tupperware to eat on its own the next day post-workout.

I won’t lie to you. I was looking forward to eating the frosting all through my presses and lunges and planks and squats and pulls. I was looking forward to digging into that cold and soft chocolatey frosting, mmmm….

But guess what? It wasn’t frosting what greeted me when I got home from the gym. Nay. It was MOUSSE! Airy and velvety chocolate protein MOUSSE! I devoured it in one sitting and then made it again a couple of days later. And the next day I made it again so I could share it as a stand-alone recipe with you guys. Here goes:

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Protein Mousse Recipe400 g               Coconut yogurt  (ideally vanilla)
1/4 cup           Granulated Stevia  (any granulated sweetener will do)
1/4 cup           Whey Protein Powder (or a veggie one but make sure it’s a sweet and mild-tasting one!)
1/4 cup           Coconut Sugar
1/4 cup           Coconut Milk
4 squares       Unsweetened Dark Chocolate  (melted)
1/4 cup           Pea Protein (or casein?)
1/2 tbsp          Stevia Drops  (optional, nice if you have a sweet tooth)


1. Blend all frosting ingredients together using a handheld blender or food processor.

2. Taste the frosting to ensure it hits all your nommmmmms.

3. Feel free to add more sweetener or cocoa powder to it (if you want it sweeter or more chocolatey).


PS: The plural of mousse, is it ‘mousses’ or ‘moussi’? Or is it just ‘mousse’? Don’t look it up. Tell me what you think? I’m going with ‘mousse.’

PPS: Speaking of ‘moussi’, did any of you guys watch Muzzy when you were little?

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