Protein Cookie Dough Filled Dark Chocolates

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Guilt-Free Cookie Dough!

Have you ever made protein cookie dough?


If you haven’t, please do. It takes less than two minutes to prepare it (from scratch!) and it’s reeeeally good.

YOUIt’s extremely tasty – sweet, soft, and loaded with chunky chocolatey goodness. I think it’s one of the best and easiest things you can make with your protein powder. All you need is to throw a few ingredients in a bowl, mix them up, and PRESTO! You get protein cookie dough.

MIXINGProtein cookie dough is VERY versatile too. You can eat it with a spoon, spatula, or straight out the bowl (just be weary of this!)

CUYOYou can, of course, bake it into protein cookies (here are several yummy protein cookie recipes).

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You know what else you can do though?

You can make protein bars out of your cookie dough by just shaping the dough into bars (like these) or by mixing cookie dough chunks in with your protein bar filling (like these beauties right here).

You can turn your protein cookie dough into protein cookie dough balls (like these).

You can also make protein cookie dough ice cream by mixing in some vanilla ice cream with your protein cookie dough chunks!

YESAnother thing you can do with protein cookie dough is make little cookie dough filled dark chocolates – perfect for when you feel like having ‘dessert’ after a meal but don’t want to splurge out on something that’s packed full of sugar and features little to nothing of (nutritional) goodness. They’re also a great mid-afternoon pre or post workout pick-me-up: next to a cup of espresso? They’re make your heart go boom boom POW!

Protein Cookie Dough Chocolates

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