Monica’s Double Strawberry Protein Cheesecake


Did you know that there are over 1,500 recipes at Protein Pow now? Yup! It’s a massive collection of macro-friendly NOMS and one that keeps on growing. But, because the website hosts so many recipes, a lot of great ones end up getting buried and you guys don’t get to see them.
To remedy this situation, I’m going to start sharing older recipes with you every once in a while on the Pow facebook and twitter pages. That way, you can bookmark a few of these amazing older recipes, print them out, and make them.

Recipes like this one, for Double Strawberry Protein Cheesecake. It was written by Monica from FOODIE FAMILY and submitted to last year’s Protein Pow Cheesecake Competition.

Wohohoa, right? Click on the pic to the left here to see it in higher res – it truly is a spectacular Protein Cheesecake. Massive hats off to Monica! And to everyone else who submitted a cheesecake to our last Protein Cheesecake Competition. So many gems were entered! Just look at all these cheesecakes. Fwaaaa….



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