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Savory Protein Wrap Rolls (Gluten-Free)


When I made these wraps for my latest column, I made a giant batch – of both the wraps and the filling – and I had them for lunch every day of the week. They were delicious! And I strongly urge you to try them.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.36.30I had my wraps with the filling inside them or I had them rolled up (like pre-sliced Usayaki Tamago!), with the filling on the side. They were fehnteeeehhstic.

These wraps are related to all the wraps and tortillas I’ve posted before (these beasts), only they don’t contain pysllium husks. They’re all great though – very versatile and IMG_0915 1 copyperfect to take with you to work, school, or on a day out – just stick them in a tupperware on top of your filling or wrap them separately in some aluminium foil. Am willing to bet that, once you try them, they’ll become your lunch’s new best friend and a chosen alternative to store-bought wraps, tortillas, and breads. Here’s the full recipe (and here’s the print-out). Have fun with it.


1. If you want to go properly down the Usayaki Tamago route, add a tbsp of water to your mix, and go ahead and slice the wraps!

2. The filling (and later, the side) I used for these wraps was: cooked yellow rice mixed in with pulled chicken (seasoned with Herbamere and paprika), chopped shallots, roughly chopped fresh spinach leaves, and sun-dried tomatoes = delishhhh’s.

IMG_0931 1 copyIMG_0913 1 copyIMG_0916 1 copy



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