Protein Marshmallows

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I’ve been working on this recipe for quite a while now and, I’ve got to tell you: the result is spectacular! A perfect combination of protein and carbs with virtually no fat in the equation. Many have said it’s impossible to combine the fluffiness, gumminess, and lightness of marshmallows with protein powder but guess what? I’ve done it! And I think you’re going to love the final product. Without further ado, allow me to present to you the recipe:

Step 1: Add 1/4 cup of whey protein powder to a bowl. It can be vanilla or unflavored (I used unflavored).

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Step 2: Start pouring 1/4 of milk into the bowl with the whey (I used cartoned coconut milk but any will do).

IMG_0447 copyStep 3: Continue pouring the milk.

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Step 4: Pour away until all the milk has been combined with the whey.

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Step 5: Get your favorite whisk out and whisk the mix until all the lumps are gone.

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Step 6: Pour the whey and milk into a glass, cup, or ramekin.

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Step 7: Put some marshmallows on a plate and enjoy them alongside your protein-packed drink!

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IMG_0484Yeah, yeah, yeah. You may be feeling disappointed at this stage – “I clicked here for a protein-packed marshmallow recipe and instead I get this bozo yanking my chain!” Because hey, I promised you a marshmallow recipe and here you are, victim to an April Fool’s post.

Listen though, it’s not all lost. I’m not going to leave you empty handed here because this post, while arguably a lukewarm attempt at joining in the party, yielded an interesting finding:

Unflavored whey + coconut milk can be really nice! I tasted the drink I made after I took the pics and I was really surprised because it was lovely – subtly sweet, creamy and milky in flavor. I recommend you try it, especially if you’re not into artificially-flavored and overly sweet whey protein drinks. This one by Pulsin is just whey protein and it’s delicious.

Oh and about the marshmallows, I HAVE been trying for ages to create a protein marshmallow recipe but all my attempts have been horrific. They’ve all ended up in the bin! There are, however, quite a few sugar-free marshmallow recipes floating around in the blogosphere – like Sarah’s recipe here, Martina’s here, and Brittany’s here. I haven’t tried any of them but if you’re into the idea and are feeling experimental, you can give them a shot. In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to master the art of the high-protein ‘mellows because there’s a whole bunch of will here, and where there’s a will, there’s (usually) a way.

Stay tuned!


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