Protein Lava Cake: Enter Twilight Pow Zone



 Imagine this:

UntitledIt’s Valentine’s day. You’re at work, bored out of your mind, scrolling down your social media wall, and waiting… waiting for the work day to end.

Five o’clock rolls around and finally, you’re free! So you log off your computer, say goodbye to your colleges (or not), walk into the parking lot, and get into your car. You’re hungry. You’re tired. You’re cold.

By the time you get to your house, it’s dark. The lights are off. You sigh and kick the front door forcefully because you realize you’ve forgotten to buy food for dinner and the prospect of ordering a pizza on Valentine’s day bothers you. PIZZAIt bothers because you know the delivery guy and you know he’ll crack a joke about pizza being your lover and “will you be this pizza’s valentine?” and do that thing he does with the pizza box whereby he makes it ‘talk’ but this time you know ‘the box’ will ask, “will you be my dinner?”

The guy’s an absolute clown. And today of all days, you can’t face him.

unnamed (1)So no pizza tonight. You’ll just have to open that chocolate salmon someone gave you as a joke last month and call it a night.

As you open your front door though, you hear a sound.

“Who’s there!?” you ask with as much confidence as you can muster while feeling absolutely petrified at the prospect of someone being there to liquidate you and steal all your belongings in the process.

That’s when you see her (or him): the woman (or man) of your dreams! Wearing a ballgown (or a tuxedo, a onesie, a birthday suit  – basically, whatever tickles your fancy).

DINNA“Hey there, handsome and/or beautiful and/or sweetheart and/or sugar,” she (or he) says.

“Why don’t you come sit in your now-candle-packed living room? I’ve made you a Lava Cake, but not any lava cake… I’ve made you a PROTEIN-PACKED lava cake that will set your heart on FAAAAIA!!”

You take her (or him) by the hand, sit down, lift the silver closhe that covers the cake, see it, and bury your fork into it, watching as the chocolate oozes out slowly… and BAM!

BEDYou wake up.

“Whoa… what a dream!” You tell your partner who’s in bed next to you, “I just dreamt that someone made me the most amazing protein lava cake!”

kjkjkj“How did you know!?!?!” she (or he) says, reaching for your phone.

“Look! This recipe article here by Anna Sward of Protein Pow! I bought all the ingredients for it already and am planning on making it for you tonight!” Cue in this tune

The End.




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