Protein Pow Christmas Day Recipes, HO HO HO!

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In the past few years, I have (re)created many holiday classics – things like Christmas Stollen, Gingerbread Cookies, Eggnog, etc – and completely revamped them from the inside.

My Notes 8, page 61What I mean is that I’ve taken out the sugar, the unnecessary fats, and in true wizardry fashion, have retained all their flavor and wonderfulness so that they taste like ‘the real deal’ yet are actually good for you. I’ve balanced out their macro-nutrients by designing them around protein pow, and in so doing, I’ve uppeSANTA copyd their fiber and jam-packed them with nutrition-dense ingredients.
Below you’ll find some of my favorite Christmas treats. To access the recipes, just click on the photos below. If you then want any more Holiday recipes (e.g. recipes for Gingerbread Protein Houses, Protein Mince Pies, etc.) then check out the Protein Pow Holiday Recipes ebook.

Have a great Holiday Season!

Protein StollenGingerbread Protein Cupcakes

GINGERMEN Protein Strongmen

Santa's Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies


Protein Egg Nog

Low Carb Christmas Protein Cookies