What’s the Difference?

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It’s a question I get a lot:

“Anna, what’s the difference between the content found in the Protein Pow Cookbook, the Protein Pow App, your Protein Pow Ebooks and all the *free* recipes found here at proteinpow.com? Does the book, app, ebook and this site feature pretty much the same recipes?”

The answer is… no. Let me explain by way of a Venn Diagram:


unnamedThe Protein Pow Cookbook can be thought of as THE encyclopoedia of Pow. It contains over 150 of my very best recipes and most of them have either been taken down from proteinpow.com in the last year of they’re completely exclusive to the book. The Protein Pow Cookbook is also a book so it gives you what nothing else can and that’s the experience of actually HOLDING it, leafing through it, and heck… if you’re into book-smelling, you can smell it too, hehe. Another thing the Protein Pow Cookbook has are useful measurement conversions, charts, a guide to choosing protein powders, and a discussion of common myths surrounding protein powders. It’s kind of a full package.

The Protein Pow App is another beast entirely. Like the cookbook, it also features exclusive content (i.e. content found only in the app) but, unlike the cookbook, it’s regularly updated with new recipes as well as weekly-changing discount codes to some of my favorite protein powders and related ingredients. In this way, the Protein Pow App can be thought of as a growing and evolving monster. It also connects you to protein cooking videos. We’re actually working on a lot of exclusive video content these days which will only be accessible through the app!

The Protein Pow Ebooks feature exclusive recipes – i.e. recipes not featured elsewhere – and are organized by theme. So, for example, there’s my Protein Bar Eboook which provides you with a thorough guide to making your own protein bars and experimenting with your ingredients at home to become your own version of a protein bar wizard! There’s also the Protein Pow Holiday Recipes ebook which features healthy high-protein versions of popular treats (like healthy yet delicious turkey stuffing, protein pumpkin pie, gingerbread protein houses, protein cake logs, some of the best Christmas protein cookies I’ve ever tasted, pumpkin protein bars, etc). I’m releasing a new one on January 1st too! I can’t divulge TOO much right now but it’s something a lot of you guys have been asking for for a long, looooong, time. Stay tuned!

MAKE ALL THE RECIPESThis leaves us with the recipes found here at proteinpow.com. There’s thousands of them by now and we have done our very best to categorize them and organize them by diet, by category, and by protein powder (evidence here). A lot of them are completely experimental too – and every couple of days it features new content. So it’s a weekly expanding website, day in and day out, here to give your online-surfing life a daily shot of ka-POW!

So, all in all, the answer is no. You don’t get the same content here that you do in the cookbook, the app, or in the ebooks.

They’re all part of the land of Protein Pow though – a land full of protein magic and POW!-type wonderment. So check them all out. And have a blast doing it!