Four Ways to Pimp your Proats (Protein Oats)

4 WAYS TO 'PIMP' YOUR PROATS - proteinpow.comFour Ways to Pimp your Proats (Protein Oats) -

Foreword: I know, I know. The word ‘pimp’ has… ‘connotations’. But ignore those connotations for a second and just read it as ‘enhance’ or ‘make more impressive,’ OK? Because ‘a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them in return for a percentage of their earnings’ is 100% irrelevant to this post (unless you mobilize the idea of ‘food porn’ and see the recipes I’m about to give you as something you can manage and subsequently earn a hefty sum of nommage from, hehe).

Four Ways to Pimp your Proats (Protein Oats) -

So. I had been waiting what felt like ages (but were only a few days) for my latest column to have been published and now it has. You have GOT to check it out.

Four Ways to Pimp your Proats (Protein Oats) - Proteinpow.comLook. You know how some people start slapping their thigh furiously when they laugh or get excited? Yeah (monkeys do that too). Well… I don’t. But if I did, I tell ya, I’d be nursing a thigh the color of lobster right now. I’m THAT pumped to share these recipes with you.

Four Ways to Pimp your Proats (Protein Oats) - Proteinpow.comCreating them and eating through that article was delicious. I honestly don’t know where I’d suggest for you to begin. Maybe the first recipe if you’re into chocolate as much as I am although the one with the chopped up bits of Peanut Butter Protein Cup was… well. Fwaaaa…

Handle with care is all I can say. Handle Four Ways to Pimp your Proats (Protein Oats) - Proteinpow.comwith care and ENJOY because oatmeal does not – can NOT  – get more POW!erful than this.


Speaking of the Peanut Butter Protein Cup Oatmeal, THESE were actually the ones that I used to make it. You can obviously use any recipe you want for the PB cups though, e.g. you can use this one that I published at, this one, or the insane one from page 186 of the new Protein Pow Cookbook!


Click on the pics here to get a proper zoomed-in take on what each of the recipes was like.

Four Ways to Pimp your Proats (Protein Oats) - Proteinpow.comFour Ways to Pimp your Proats (Protein Oats) -

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