Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake

Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake -

Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake - proteinpow.comOWMANImagine this: It’s your birthday. You’re going to have a bunch of people over for dinner and you’ve promised them (as well as yourself) that you’re going to make, and I quote, “an EPIC protein cake.”

VOCALDOOne o’clock rolls around and you realize that hey! You should start making the cake. You have your blueprint handy but you don’t know where to begin. Eventually, you decide to start melting chocolate and throw cocoa powder into various batters. Your kitchen looks like a chocolate volcano just went off inside it but no worries, you’re on a mission here – you’re making your birthday cake, woopa!

WHAT AM I DOINGYou throw together a cake batter, bake it, and then move on to make a basic protein frosting. You throw the frosting onto the cake (while feeling like this dog), and, at the last minute decide to melt some dark chocolate for the top so you can get that cool melted chocolate effect you’ve seen on fancy cakes. While you’re doing this though, you realize that no one just melts chocolate and pours it on top of a cake, not without adding some kind of cream to the melted chocolate to turn it into a ‘ganache.’ Without the cream, the chocolate on top will turn into a hard chocolate crust. “But hey!” you say to yourself, “what’s not to love about a chocolate crust, albeit a hard one?”

HAPPY BIRTHDAYAs you start pouring the chocolate onto the cake, you notice that the chocolate is going all over the cake platter instead of ON the cake, noooo!!!! Then you notice that you only have enough chocolate to cover half the cake. Oh well, no worries – you’ll just cocoa-dust the other half.

Finally…. it’s done. You stick it in the fridge, wait for your people to arrive, enjoy (a deliciiiiiiiious dinner) and PHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! You blow out your candles to mark the beginning of another brand new year full of excitement and POW!

Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake -

Below you’ll find the recipe. It’s very versatile, easy, and fun! But please do pay attention to the Notes at the bottom of this post because they contain a lot of very important information on substitutions and flavors. Ready to do this? Let’s go:

Ingredients for the Cake

250 g               Beets (vacuum sealed)
1/4 cup            Pea Protein Powder (See Note 1)
1&1/4 cup       Cocoa Powder
1 cup               Liquid Egg Whites
1/2 cup            Ground Almonds
50 g                 Unsweetened Dark Chocolate (melted!)
1/4 cup            Almond Milk
2 tbsp              Coconut Flour
1/2 cup            Coconut Sugar (See Note 2)
1 tbsp              Vanilla Flavour Drops

Ingredients for the white chocolate frosting – the middle layer

250 g               Mascarpone Cheese (see Note 4)
25 g                 Sugar-free White Chocolate
1/8 cup            Casein Protein Powder
1 tbsp              Vanilla Flavour Drops

Ingredients for the chocolate frosting

250 g               Mascarpone Cheese (see Note 4)
1/2 cup            Casein Protein Powder
1/4 cup            Cocoa Powder


1. First, make the cakey bit of your cake by blending all the cake ingredients together and baking in a medium 9″ silicone cake pan at 160 C (320 F) for about 40 minutes or until, when poked with a knife, your knife comes out clean. Allow the cake to cool COMPLETELY before you slice it in half, horizontally, to frost it (if you don’t, the frosting will melt all weird and you’ll be left with a cake that looks more like a tragedy). You can make the cake the day before too and just let it hang out in the fridge until you’re ready to fill and frost it.

2. Make your middle white chocolate frosting by mixing the white chocolate frosting ingredients together. PLEASE taste it to ensure that it hits all the right spots and adapt its flavor according to what your tastebuds tell you. See Note 5 below for a list of things you can do to your middle layer.

3. Finally, make your chocolate frosting by mixing the chocolate frosting ingredients until you get a smooth batter (use a standing mixer, a handheld mixer, or a food processor for the job).

4. Frost the sides and top of your cake using an icing knife (or a carver, meat cleaver, of chef’s knife if you want to go properly medieval on your cake. You CAN add a layer of melted dark chocolate on top, like I did for one half of the cake. To be honest though, the part without it was better – more moussey and the candles didn’t break up the top. So consider just dusting the cake with cocoa pow?


1. If you don’t have pea protein powder, you can also use vanilla casein or a nice vanilla rice protein powder.

2. If you’d like to substitute the coconut sugar, use granulated stevia or just some agave syrup – or honey.

3. I used the stevia flavor drops to add an extra dimension of sweetness to the cake but you can exclude them if you want – or you can substitute them with any of the sweeteners listed in Note 2 above.

4. You can substitute the low-fat mascarpone for another kind of low-fat cream cheese – like Quark! You can also use low-fat ricotta or cream cheese. Just make sure you taste your mix to ensure it’s sweet enough and delivers in terms of flavor.

5. Here’s a list of things you can do to tweak your middle layer:

– Add maple flavoring, coffee flavoring, or butterscotch flavoring to your mix
– Add toffee instead of vanilla flavor drops
– Use coconut sugar or stevia instead of flavdrops
– Use dark chocolate instead of sugar-free white – this will bring down your kcals and fat grams
– Consider blending in some berries (or using berry jam) into your middle layer to end up with a fruity chocolate cake (cherries would be great!)

 Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake - Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake - Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake - Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake - Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake - Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake -
Triple Chocolate Birthday Protein Cake -

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