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Banana Nut Protein Muffins

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 09.44.18

I always smuggle protein muffins into cafés and I suggest you do the same (just don’t make it TOO obvious, hehe). I do it because there isn’t anything like a protein muffin alongside a good ol’ cuppa java, you know? Especially when you have a deadline in front of you and you need the caffeine, the nommage, and the nutrition.

BANANA NUT PROTEIN MUFFINSYou get to sip the coffee, take a bite off the muffin, sip more of the coffee, dunk the muffin into the coffee, inwardly nommmm, and boooom! start your day not with a whisper but with a POW!

I actually made these muffins for my latest column at – you can find the full recipe here. The morning I made them, I wrapped one of them in baking paper while it was still warm, walked over to my favorite café, ordered a coconut-milk latte, turned on my laptop, and wrote the article accompanying the recipe. It was such a glorious morning, even though an entire zoo was raining outside at the time. Nothing mattered because these muffins were pure morning glory sunshine.


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