A Woman’s Ascent into Hardcore Protein Nommage

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Ethel Jones.

Ethel was an ordinary girl – an ordinary girl with an extraordinary sweet tooth that she muzzled, day in and day out, in favor of her bland – though healthy – diet. She was the Health Food Editor of a well-known magazine and spent her days researching, writing, and editing stories about new health trends, unique ways of cooking, and anything and everything related to healthy eating.

POW2One day, Ethel’s boss asked her to write an article on protein powder recipes. She’d never heard of such a thing! But she was intrigued – intrigued and curious – as to what it could be all about. She remembered that her personal trainer had, a while back, recommended that she buy some protein powder – “to drink as a shake after you leave the gym” – but she never got around it. Quite frankly, she didn’t see the point – she didn’t like shakes to begin with.

SHOPBut Ethel was determined to give protein powder recipes a shot so she walked into a supplement shop to buy a tub of whey protein powder. It was her first. The girl at the counter looked at her apprehensively and then asked, with a half-smile,

“Is this for your boyfriend?”

“No, it’s for me,” Ethel said.

The girl behind the counter raised an eyebrow and took Ethel’s money.

That day changed everything for Ethel.

With her protein in tow, she embarked on an affair of nommage unlike any she ever experienced – her whole world opened up and all kinds of delicious healthy food began to unfold before her very eyes.

This is the story of Ethel Jones.

This is an account of her ascent into multiple shades of macro-friendly food bliss and hardcore protein nommage.

ETHELIt all began with a bread. A bread. Steaming… inside the oven. “Holy cow,” Ethel thought,  “It’s A BREAD!!!!


The next day, she called her boss and told him she would be late for work because of traffic. But she wasn’t in the car, no. She just couldn’t go to work that morning because… she had a date with Maple & Banana Protein Pancakes!


When she got home that evening, she whipped up the ingredients for a Key Lime Protein Cheesecake. The batter alone hypnotized her: the way it folded against itself, thick, velvety… creamy:


And the final product, hnnnngh…


A couple of days later, Ethel made bread, organic, soft, and delicious Protein Bread – gluten-free and full of fiber!


She couldn’t stay away from the Protein Pancakes though – there was something about them that just made her weak at the knees. The day she made her first Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes, she almost fainted. The pancakes softly yielded to the syrup! Oh…


Ethel developed a special predilection for frosting protein muffins and turning them into cupcakes – chocolate ones, vanilla ones, banana ones – you name the muffin, she frosted it.


There was no end to her Protein Cupcake creations. Piping the frosting onto the muffins…


Then came Paleo Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies. The way the dark chocolate chips folded into the vanilla batter, rich with ground almonds >>heavy breathing<<


Every week, she made a point of trying a new Protein Pow Cheesecake – and every time her heart skipped a beat the moment the springform pan released it…


And Protein Jelly – containing virtually no carbs or calories! Who knew such a thing could be so easy to make – and so delicious to devour? Perfectly wobbly and nom nom nom:


Protein Low-Carb Broccoli Bread became one of her favorite recipes and she used it to make all kinds of delicious sandwiches, like turkey, avocado, hummus and bacon. Bacon… mmmmmmm.


Every weekend, she would wake up to pancakes, deliciously soft and fluffy protein pancakes:


For snacks, she made Protein Pow Bars. She saw no reason to ever buy a ready-made protein bars anymore. I mean, why bother? When she could make her own, by just creating a protein filling and watching some dark chocolate melt as her heart skipped beat after beat after beat…


Ethel’s world was never the same.

Her workouts improved, her fitness sky-rocketed, her energy soared, and her passion for cooking reached heights previously unimaginable.

This is the story of Ethel Jones.

This is an account of her ascent into multiple shades of macro-friendly food bliss and hardcore protein nommage.


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